ITG is an independent execution and research broker partnering with global portfolio managers and traders throughout the investment process, from investment decision through to settlement.  With our launch of the POSIT® crossing network in 1987, we founded ITG with a strong commitment to empower buyside investors.  And over the years, we've continued to deepen that commitment by creating a powerful network of intellectual capital, true industry experience, and market-leading technology to offer the unmatched insights that help clients generate and preserve alpha.

With 15 offices in 9 countries and multi-asset capabilities that support the needs of large equity portfolios, we combine the power of global reach with the precision of local vision.  Bringing together market-leading tools and unmatched expertise, we have helped clients understand market trends, improve performance, mitigate risk, and navigate increasingly complex markets.

Above all else, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to service—we put clients' interests first. We do not offer buy-sell recommendations and have no conflict of interest.  We are your trusted, strategic partner offering objective insights and guidance through complicated and changing global market structures.


Known for our electronic equity trading prowess and fundamental equity research, we apply the same level of proficiency, foresight, and innovation to all markets in which we participate. Traders depend on our sophisticated, low latency tools and market commentary for derivatives as well as our transparent and conflict-free approach to Foreign Exchange.

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Thought Leadership

Since 1987 we’ve helped shape the global financial markets. Our industry experts and academics help you mitigate challenges and capture opportunities as market structure, technology, and policy evolve.

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Investment Research

With proprietary Web harvesting, exclusive data, and unmatched analysis, ITG gives portfolio managers and analysts clear insights no one else can offer, so you can minimize risk and make better investment decisions.

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At ITG, our mission is to help clients achieve best possible execution. We’ve been proving it to our clients every day for 28 years as a pioneer in providing dark liquidity. And from the start, we’ve delivered world-class technology as well as wide-open visibility into how we help reduce trading costs. We continually measure and share performance parameters with our clients, including how, where, and when their orders were filled, plus price, fees, commissions, and more.

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Who better to assist with your execution challenges than the firm at the forefront of global trading innovation? Our desks are steeped in trading strategy selection and implementation expertise. Whether high-touch or low-touch, we can help you minimize cost, impact, and risk.

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Our global team is singularly focused on our clients’ success. That unity in common purpose perpetuates our collaborative culture and track record of innovation. We continually seek visionary thinkers as we help shape the future of trading and investment management.

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