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Provide your clients with superior execution insight and electronic trading tools while maintaining a cost-effective, profitable trading operation with our services for Broker Dealers*. Through ITG** your clients can access the exclusive liquidity of POSIT®, innovative algorithms, and award-winning multi-asset trading tools.  We deliver superior service, strategic guidance, and industry insight to help you navigate complex market structures and trading strategy challenges.

Equities and all other asset classes

  • Capture exclusive liquidity. ITG is the only route to the unique liquidity and crossing potential of POSIT® in 30 countries. In Canada, MATCH NowSM is the country’s premier broker-neutral dark book for registered investment dealers.
  • Capitalize on our expertise. Augment your desk with our global and regional market insight, electronic trading skill, and expert service for single stocks, lists and derivatives.
  • Maintain confidence. An independent agency and riskless principle broker, ITG is your trusted, strategic partner that can consistently put your interests first.
  • Step up your access. Our sophisticated strategies, including smart routing and award-winning single and list based algorithms, help reduce market impact and improve trade performance.
  • Accelerate your derivatives. We offer direct access to all US options exchanges as well as Smart Routing, Sweeper and Hunter orders via Triton® or an API; both support multiple asset classes for seamless side-by-side position management
  • Partner for liquidity. An AlterNet® Liquidity Partnership through our subsidiaries, AlterNet Securities, Inc. and AlterNet (UK) Limited, can maximize the value of your retail, institutional, option, and international order flow and connect you to global liquidity sources.
  • Route retail orders. Retail broker dealers can tap into institutional sources of liquidity and a broad network of wholesalers with ITG Smart Retail Router.


  • Accelerate your derivatives. We offer direct access to all US options exchanges as well as Smart Routing, Sweeper and Hunter orders via Triton® or an API; both support multiple asset classes for seamless side-by-side position management

Foreign Exchange (FX)

  • Trade FX with full transparency. The ITG FX Aggregator EMS connects your clients with major FX liquidity providers around the world, from our efficient, intuitive interface. Transparent pricing and execution helps you manage spreads and profitability without significant market risk or capital spend.

**Brokerage services for institutional buy side clients provided by ITG Inc., member, FINRA, SIPC. Brokerage services for broker-dealer clients provided by an affiliate, AlterNet Securities, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC and AlterNet (UK) Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority.

Products available to broker dealers* include:


ITG Algorithms®
ITG Broker Dealer Services
ITG Smart Routing
POSIT Marketplace®
Triton® Derivatives

*not all products available in all regions