When it comes to data-driven investing, make sure you're not taking the long way around.  A true pioneer in analytics with extensive global and historical coverage, ITG will help you surface the hidden costs that are eating away your profits—before, during, and after trading.  ITG experts in market microstructure partner with computer model designers and academics to help you forecast risk and predict trading costs to optimize your portfolio.  And when you're ready to trade, ITG's powerful real-time TCA will identify the best route and quickly redirect you if conditions change mid-course.

ITG Peer Analytics


How low can your transaction costs go? Compare your costs to actual peer data and discover performance improvement opportunities you never imagined possible. Our peer analytics products and services tap into the ITG Peer Database of actual trades made by 200 leading managers over the past six years (the ITG Peer Universe).


The ITG Peer Analytics suite includes:

ITG Peer Situational Analysis
ITG Peer Custom Analysis
ITG Peer Portfolio Manager Analysis
ITG Peer Algorithmic Strategy Analysis
ITG Peer Broker Analysis
ITG Peer Report
ITG Peer Characteristics Report
ITG Peer Basic Data
ITG Peer Data
ITG Peer Custom Data

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ITG Trading Analytics


You can’t control costs you can’t measure.  Our unique tool suite, combined with data only ITG can provide, helps you uncover hidden costs and improve trading strategies to preserve alpha.


The ITG Trading Analytics suite includes:

ITG Smart Trading Analytics (ITG Logic®)
ITG Alpha Capture Reporting

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ITG Portfolio Analytics

How portfolio managers model and construct portfolios can make all the difference in performance.  Using our data and analytics, which are backed by the latest academic research and expertise of ITG financial engineers, you can be confident that you’ve optimized the construction of your portfolio, modeled your investment strategies accurately, and priced international holdings fairly.

The ITG Portfolio  Analytics suite includes:

ITG Portfolio Optimization System® (ITG PORT OPT)
ITG Portfolio Risk Models
ITG Portfolio Cost Curves
ITG Portfolio Fair Value Service


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ITG Analytics Services


Let our experts help you overcome fragmentation, get more from algorithmic strategies, and contain costs, while conquering technology issues along the way. Our consulting takes trade analysis to a whole new level. We assess the entire investment process and deliver transparency and insight that can significantly improve execution.

The ITG Analytics Services suite includes:

ITG Trading Analytics Consulting
ITG Execution Consulting

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ITG Analytics Indices


Anticipate costs when trading equities and FX with these insightful indices developed by ITG’s analytics team. Accessible via mobile apps and offered at no cost to all users, they provide insights you can use to estimate trading costs and volatility throughout the trading day.
The ITG Analytics Indices suite includes:

ITG Equities Trading Cost Index (ITG ECX)
ITG FX Trading Cost Index (ITG FXCX)
ITG FX Volatility Index (ITG FXVX)

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