Put your analysis into action. ITG’s expert consultants provide meaningful and actionable interpretation to ensure your TCA results in performance improvement rather than collecting dust. Similarly, our execution consulting provides step by step instruction for improving strategy and algorithm selection and implementation.

ITG Analytics Services Offerings

ITG Trading Analytics Consulting

ITG Trading Analytics Consulting is available in the following locations:

Asia-PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Trading Analytics Consulting is available for the following markets:


Mining the data only gets you half way there.  Taking transformative action based on analysis requires skillful interpretation. ITG’s confidential, thorough, and expert cost measurement consulting can pinpoint where and how you need to change course to improve trading performance.

  • Learn from our experience. As an early innovator in transaction cost analysis, we reveal insights that others may only see in hindsight, and provide practical implementation steps.
  • Rely on our service. Our partnership approach always put your interests first. As such, we’ve earned a reputation for outstanding client service.

ITG Execution Consulting

ITG Execution Consulting is available in the following locations:

Asia-PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Execution Consulting is available for the following markets:

DerivativesEquitiesForeign Exchange

Throughout every stage of the execution process, we combine years of hands-on trading expertise with proven technology. Based on your goals, we can teach you how to best reach liquidity, and point out which algorithms are working well, whether you or not you are maximizing technology, and where execution adjustments are needed.

  • Demystify liquidity. ITG’s truly transparent approach helps you dig deeper to understand the quality of your executions.
  • Realize the potential. Technology can’t add value without deft implementation. We combine our proprietary, innovative solutions, including algorithms, trading platforms, and measurement tools, with practical guidance that helps you realize their full potential.
  • Navigate foreign waters: Our local trading desks in key markets help you reap the benefits of global coverage and regional insight wherever you trade.
  • Enhance your equities. ITG can broaden your execution capabilities with expert assistance on derivatives and foreign exchange.