With ITG TCA, it's all about analytic firepower.  We bring together extensive current and historical data with the industry's best expertise, so you can make the most informed strategy, broker, algorithm, and liquidity venue selections.  We'll help you plan the best execution route, change course if you need to, and compare your performance against peers and benchmarks to identify opportunities for even greater improvement.

ITG Trading Analytics Products

ITG Smart Trading Analytics

ITG Smart Trading Analytics is available in the following locations:

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Imagine the power of controlling costs during all stages of an order’s lifecycle. ITG helps you effectively forecast transaction costs, assess market conditions in real time, identify difficult trades, and select the appropriate strategy, all toward the goal of minimizing the cost of trading.

  • Act in real-time. Dynamic, interactive tools let you act on new insights as they are revealed. During trading, view real-time charting of today’s market volume and quotes, identify potentially costly outliers, and see historical intraday stock profiles with recent data on volume, spread, and volatility.
  • Compare essential data. Be smarter as you trade by measuring today’s volume, spreads and volatility, against historical averages for single stocks and lists.
  • Assess long-term trade costs. With ITG’s Agency Cost Estimator, our state-of-the-art econometric model, you get pre-trade cost estimates based on real-world execution data and your strategy.
  • Rely on global coverage. Cost estimates are available for a growing list of over 70 countries.

ITG TCA® (Equities)

ITG TCA for equities is available in the following locations:

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ITG TCA for equities is available for the following markets:


ITG TCA provides a window into your entire investment process to help you address best execution practices. By assessing trading performance and implicit costs under various market conditions, our expert consultants can help you adjust trading strategies, reduce trading costs, boost fund performance, and potentially improve your fund’s ranking.

  • Optimize strategies. We provide daily feedback for adjusting algorithmic strategies and trading tactics. Identify potentially costly trades and zero in on ways to limit risk.
  • Enhance performance. Uses ITG’s proprietary Agency Cost Estimator model to identify and monitor implicit trading costs, along with spread and price impact. Analyze relative trading performance against the industry’s most extensive database of trades so you know where to make improvements.
  • Improve trading. Detect where slippage and costs occur in order to make more informed execution decisions
  • Compile detailed reports. Quickly generate reports highlighting particular interests, including compliance issues and performance across trading destinations and brokers.


ITG TCA for FX is available in the following locations:

Asia PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG TCA for FX is available for the following markets:

Foreign Exchange

ITG TCA for FX changes the game for FX traders by providing access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive FX transaction database and a full set of analytics to help you improve execution quality and seek to assist in meeting your compliance requirements. Our comprehensive data sets are unlikely to be available in aggregate anywhere else, including interbank and ECN data from multiple providers.

  • See inside the FX marketplace. Due to our independence and worldwide leadership in equity TCA, ITG is uniquely equipped to offer a fresh approach to FX trading, offering a level of transparency that was previously unavailable.
  • Reduce trading costs. ITG TCA for FX quantifies and evaluates FX pricing and transaction costs, comparing them to benchmarks, to determine your trade costs. Compares actual costs to historical data that matches timing, currency pairs, banks, brokers, and other parameters.
  • Sharpen execution expertise. Detailed, graphically illustrated reports show the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy, compared to relevant benchmarks, so you can redirect your strategy, when needed, toward best execution.
  • Improve your process. Insights from ITG TCA for FX can help you calculate slippage at multiple points in the cycle.
  • Maintain compliance. Our reports and consulting will help you satisfy applicable best execution requirements.

ITG Alpha Capture Reporting

ITG Alpha Capture Reporting is available in the following locations:

United StatesEMEA

ITG Alpha Capture Reporting is available for the following markets:


Improving your investment process requires measuring costs at every point from portfolio manager to trader to broker.  We can provide this strategic view with insightful commentary and consultative recommendations to help boost performance.

  • Enhance process efficiency. Every penny saved through process improvement goes straight to the bottom line. Through accurate process modeling, we can deliver tailored benchmarks and robust peer comparisons—the insights you need to preserve alpha.
  • Improve fund rankings. Quickly see where your firm can realistically improve through peer comparisons based on order characteristics and market circumstances. This “apples to apples” approach is the best and largest universe for comparing trading performance.
  • Analyze your entire process. Identifying costs is just one area of analysis. We go beyond the typical TCA paradigm to cover portfolio manager decision timing and order staging, return on decisions, as well as trader timing and broker performance.