• In recent months the Canadian equity market has undergone significant evolution aimed at keeping trading flows within Canada’s borders. The changes appear to have succeeded in increasing Canadian trading volumes, but the impact on the market is at best unclear.

    We have witnessed an increase in Canada’s share of trading in dual-listed securities, alongside a decrease in the MOC auctions’ contribution to total volume. These classic indicators of growing intermediation have been accompanied by a marked increase in Canadian institutional trading costs, both in real terms and versus the U.S. market.

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  • -How do fees and taxes affect the total cost of trading in Asia Pacific markets?

    -How will the Hong Kong close auction operate?

    -Which APAC markets are reviewing listing and stock suspension guidelines?

    Find answers to those questions and others in this quarter’s Asia Pacific Market Structure Chartbook and Regulatory Summary.

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  • Dark pool trading across European venues reached just under €100 billion in June, resulting in the highest monthly level ever.

    In June, the U.K.’s surprise referendum result to leave the EU resulted in a day of extreme market volatility in global markets. POSIT proved to be a deep source of liquidity in difficult trading conditions, with our clients crossing a daily record of over £1 billion in European equities.

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  • ITG’s U.S. smart order router (destination SMRTRouter) delivers market-leading size and price improvement, plus customization and transparency that put you in control. Our early tests returned 1.35x size improvement; try it today to see what ITG’s SOR can do for you.

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  • On this call we discuss the MiFID implications following the U.K.’s vote to withdraw from the European Union. You’ll hear insight on:

    -The possible speed and direction of the U.K.’s exit from the European Union.
    -What policymakers are saying on both sides of the English Channel.
    -How markets in the U.K. and continental Europe react to the Brexit decision.

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