• -How do fees and taxes affect the total cost of trading in Asia Pacific markets?

    -How will the Hong Kong close auction operate?

    -Which APAC markets are reviewing listing and stock suspension guidelines?

    Find answers to those questions and others in this quarter’s Asia Pacific Market Structure Chartbook and Regulatory Summary.

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  • Dark pool trading across European venues reached just under €100 billion in June, resulting in the highest monthly level ever.

    In June, the U.K.’s surprise referendum result to leave the EU resulted in a day of extreme market volatility in global markets. POSIT proved to be a deep source of liquidity in difficult trading conditions, with our clients crossing a daily record of over £1 billion in European equities.

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  • ITG’s U.S. smart order router (destination SMRTRouter) delivers market-leading size and price improvement, plus customization and transparency that put you in control. Our early tests returned 1.35x size improvement; try it today to see what ITG’s SOR can do for you.

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  • On this call we discuss the MiFID implications following the U.K.’s vote to withdraw from the European Union. You’ll hear insight on:

    -The possible speed and direction of the U.K.’s exit from the European Union.
    -What policymakers are saying on both sides of the English Channel.
    -How markets in the U.K. and continental Europe react to the Brexit decision.

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