Diversity and Inclusion

As a Global Leader, We Value Everyone's Perspective

ITG’s team-oriented culture, innovative approach to common corporate issues, and encouragement of employees’ professional and academic development contribute to an environment where diversity and inclusion are recognized as critical components of our success.
Because people and their capabilities are at the core of our success value our employees’ talents and experiences, treat individuals with fairness and respect, and cultivate their professional development.

Our diversity strategy is built on three guiding principles:

  • Dedicating ourselves to attracting, retaining, and developing talented individuals
  • Driving innovation and growth through diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding the diverse needs of the marketplace and our clients through cultural competence

ITG adheres to these principles by recruiting, retaining, and developing qualified individuals with a variety of backgrounds and abilities. We strongly believe that this commitment improves results, client satisfaction, and our work environment. ITG has evolved globally because of the collaborative energy, unique skill sets and experiences of our employees. Their diverse talents enable us to take advantage of global business opportunities and to partner with clients to ensure their success.

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  • 2014 – SEGD Merit Award for Corporate Environmental Design

    Society for Experiential Graphic Design
  • 2014 – Best Interview Video

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