Asia Pacific

Delivering differentiated liquidity, brokerage and technology to top Asia Pacific asset managers as they electronify their desks

Most large institutions in Asia Pacific rank POSIT Alert as a top crossing network; here’s why:

  • US$8.4 billion in average daily liquidity available—and setting new records monthly
  • >US$1 million average cross size
  • 20% of the liquidity is from outside the region1

Access to 32 regional dark venues across Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, including ITG’s own POSIT in 11 Asian markets.

Algos in 12 APAC countries, with 67% of VWAP fills at the mid or better.2

Award-winning multi-asset TCA, including #1-rated equities TCA for Asia3 and FX TCA4 for best execution monitoring, process improvement and regulatory compliance.

Broker-neutral best execution solutions, including top-ranked5 multi-asset execution management system (EMS), Triton, and the data-driven broker selection tool, Algo Wheel.

1 Greenwich, Asian Equity Trading 2017; ITG 3Q17
2 Source: ITG 2017
3 The Trade, Buy-Siders’ Choice Awards 2016
4 FX Week, e-FX Awards 2017
5 The Trade, 2017 Execution Management System Survey Global Outperformer


Office and contact information

Hong Kong
6th Floor, Central Tower
28 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong
Main: +852.2846.3500
Sales & Trading: +852.2846.3535

Level 49, Rialto South Tower
525 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Main: +613.9211.2500

133 Amoy Street
Singapore 049962
Main: +65.6550.9781

Level 17
175 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Main: +612.9779.4600
Sales & Trading: +612.9779.4640


APAC Market Structure: A Review of Q3 2018

Q3 updates to APAC Market Structure ​– ​How did expected market impact costs in 2018 change from Q2 to Q3? – How did the introduction of a closing auction session affect the volume profile on the Shanghai Stock Exchange?

In the


  • 2016 – Best Equities TCA, Asia

    The Trade, Buy-Siders' Choice Awards