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Whatever you trade, it's all about performance

Traditionally, institutional investors have focused on equities and the bond market as the main components of their portfolios. But innovative fund managers have looked beyond these instruments to ETFs, derivatives, FX, and structured products. ITG has helped lead the way with electronic tools and high-touch expertise to deliver quality liquidity, multi-asset platforms, proprietary research, and innovative analytics across multiple asset classes, while helping you manage costs and maximize performance.


As an agency-focused broker, we put your interests first, delivering industry-leading pre-trade and transactional transparency, including real-time visibility into algorithmic trades, and execution-level details that other brokers do not provide.

Another of our priorities is liquidity filtration to protect the quality of your trades. All the trading tools we provide and the infrastructure we’ve built to support them are tuned for speed, efficiency, risk minimization, and liquidity maximization.

We’ve been at the forefront of key equity market developments since 1987, when we began offering unique liquidity and advanced tools not available anywhere else. Our powerful transaction cost analysis helps you measure and manage your costs and make smart trading decisions. We also offer tools and infrastructure designed to build greater speed and efficiency into all your daily processes, along with low latency connectivity, advanced algorithms, flexible platforms, and proprietary research and analytics.

With a track record of independence and innovation, we are your expert trading partner for high-touch and low-touch trading in equities and ETFs around the globe. Our pioneering accomplishments in block trading, dark pool aggregation, and anti-gaming have won the trust of hundreds of the largest institutions worldwide.


Fixed Income

ITG brings its experience in best execution to the fixed income markets with POSIT® FI, our crossing network for corporate bonds. With an all-to-all model that empowers institutional investors to be price makers, not just price takers, POSIT FI provides real-time pricing on more than 14,000 US corporate bonds, allowing fund managers and other investors to trade corporate bonds anonymously in a cost-effective, low-impact manner.

  • Order size protection to help minimize the market impact of large orders
  • New electronic matching technology to connect buyers and sellers
  • Continuous block crossing via POSIT Alert®, using conditional orders
  • Mid-point crossing sessions in POSIT MATCH® at four fixed daily times
  • Anonymity protected with ITG as the listed counterparty
  • Multiple access points: EMS, OMS, or our proprietary POSIT Alert interface
  • Simple mark-up/down pricing with no membership or network fees

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  • Trading Analytics

Foreign Exchange

In the opaque world of FX, you need an independent guide who speaks the language and has your best interests in mind. ITG partners with banks, dealers, and vendors in a way our competitors cannot. Our agency-focused approach allows for unconstrained sourcing of the best liquidity and best pricing for spot foreign exchange.

Our market-leading TCA and detailed execution transparency show you what you need to know to help you take advantage of liquidity, minimize market impact, find the best price, and improve performance. Offering global dealing in more than 21 currencies, with liquidity from top-tier banks, we take a real-time execution approach rooted in transparency, discretion, and best execution.

  • Global dealing in more than 21 currencies and top-tier interbank relationships
  • Agency trading desk telephone services rooted in transparency, discretion, and best execution
  • Real-time execution approach (vs. typical EOD) takes advantage of liquidity, can improve pricing, and reduces intraday risk
  • Unconstrained sourcing of the best liquidity providers and lines of credit due to our independence
  • Market-leading transaction cost analysis capabilities (ITG TCA® for FX) identify where slippage and costs occur—across all of your counterparties—so you can make more informed future FX transaction decisions
  • Ingenuity and a fresh approach to help advance and enhance trading in the world’s currency markets
  • Tools to capture better prices for interlisted securities and automating the FX conversion process
  • CLS membership to reduce your settlement risk on eligible trades in 17 currencies
  • Independent, auditable London benchmark fixing series



Whether you’re new to the derivatives market or an experienced veteran, ITG provides some of the most advanced algorithms and hands-on expertise in the business. We bring to options and futures trading the same excellence in trade execution and analytics that have won us awards in the equities markets.

ITG gives you real-time streaming data and DMA links to all US exchange-traded options, access to a suite of proprietary algorithms and smart routers, low-latency access to all major North American futures contracts plus Asian, Canadian, and European equity index and interest rate futures.

Meeting the demands of sophisticated electronic traders

Expect widespread connectivity, low latency, and expert support in trading complex instruments.

  • Customizable volatility levels or delta-neutral hedging to manage risks
  • Order management with comprehensive Greeks, volatilities, configurable hot buttons, and multi-leg order routing
  • Streamlined RFQ process for OTC-negotiated transactions
  • Fully integrated for position management with clearing houses
  • Multiple clearing account support
  • Specialized derivative functionality integrated with single stock and equity portfolio trading
  • Low-latency application programming interfaces (APIs) for automated trading

For high-touch clients, our derivatives specialists work to deliver the best possible outcome

Our experienced derivatives traders know exactly how to utilize ITG’s advanced trading tools on your behalf. They tap specialized investment research, assess current options market dynamics, and interpret trade flows to seize opportunities others will only see in hindsight. They deploy our strategies and sophisticated algorithms to take advantage of volatility, neutralize gaming, and help optimize your performance with every trade.


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