#1 in Canadian electronic equity trading for the ELEVENTH consecutive year1

#1 in Canadian equity electronic trading relationships vs. Canadian equity electronic trading quality for the TENTH consecutive year2

Full-service, agency-only trading desk is voted the top choice for portfolio trading relationships3 and single stock executions. Experienced market insight, award-winning proprietary technology and people you can rely on seamlessly connect you with 30+ quality liquidity sources globally while managing execution costs.

Clients choose us for the innovative solutions and great tools we offer. For example:

  • More than half of the top 50 Canadian asset managers4 use the Triton best ex dashboard as their execution management system of choice.
  • Nearly 70% of the top 50 Canadian asset managers4 consume ITG’s analytics and end-to-end consultancy for all facets of trading, including process improvements, algorithms and adverse selection.

Our Best Market Server evaluates interlisted securities in real-time against both the US and Canadian markets using a tight FX rate to convert prices and seek out the best price. We access 15 unique liquidity pools for competitive FX spreads that, by extension, help you access superior cross-border liquidity in equities.

Leading market analysis about the current state of the Canadian markets, including regulatory updates, market statistics, ETF trends and trading costs.

We’re experts in dark trading and we own the largest dark pool in Canada: MATCH Now5 with 6.6%6 market share by volume in H1 2018.

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1 Greenwich Associates, Canadian Equity Investors–Canadian Equity Trading study: #1 in Canadian Electronic Trading (2007-2018)
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5 MATCHNow is a product offering of TriAct Canada Marketplace LP (“TriAct”), a wholly owned subsidiary of ITG Canada Corp.
6 Triact Canada Marketplace LP June 30, 2018 MATCH Now’s market share is calculated on a single count basis

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ESMA’s Call for Evidence on Periodic Auctions for Equity Instruments

On 9 November 2018 the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published a call for evidence on periodic auctions for equity instruments. In addition to submitting its own response to the consultation, ITG has analysed the public responses from other participating firms and industry associations.

In the


  • 2017 – Greenwich Share Leader – Canadian Electronic Trading Penetration

    Greenwich Associates
  • 2017 – Greenwich Quality Leader – Canadian Electronic Trading Quality

    Greenwich Associates