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Our clients manage large trades, consume reams of market and investment research, and need to move quickly to take advantage of changing markets. And they are often answerable to clients of their own who demand transparency, cost savings, and high returns. ITG’s clients range from savvy, quantitative traders to new hedge fund startups to established global asset managers. We serve them all with tools and expertise that are cutting edge and tailored to their needs. Take a closer look and see what we can do for you.

Institutional Traders

ITG is a trusted partner of many of the world’s leading asset managers, delivering industry-leading execution tools, expertise, and liquidity to trading desks, alpha-generating research to portfolio managers and analysts, and insightful trade analysis across the enterprise. Mutual funds and pension funds around the globe turn to ITG for our deep industry knowledge, our agency-focused approach and our relentless dedication to client service. Asset management is a rapidly evolving field, and as our institutional clients adapt, we are determined to grow alongside them, providing innovative solutions to their changing needs.

Hedge Funds

We have just what a hedge fund needs to improve performance, streamline operations, and attract investors. It starts with our unique, data-driven ITG Investment Research, which helps generate alpha. Then, we can deliver a full suite of alpha-preserving products and services that are plug-and-play and fully integrated. With hedge fund solutions from ITG, it won’t take long to begin seeing the benefits of our unique insights and comprehensive tools working together to help grow your business.

For example, ITG Position Manager™ can act as command central for each of your teams’ critical functions, including portfolio management, operations, trading, and compliance. It can connect you to multiple prime brokers for daily and intra-day position updates and integrates seamlessly with the Triton suite.


Your trusted partner

Independent and agency-focused, we are committed to putting your interests first. ITG is uniquely positioned to help you improve your fund’s performance because of our deep knowledge of hedge fund challenges, our impressive lineup of best-of-breed products for portfolio managers, traders, operations, and CFOs. Our flexible pricing options can be tailored to the needs of your individual fund, including cash or subscription, trading flow and commissions, CSA soft dollars, and network connectivity.


Broker Dealers

Provide your clients with superior execution insight and electronic trading tools while maintaining a cost-effective trading operation. Through ITG your clients can access the exclusive liquidity of POSIT®, innovative algorithms, and award-winning multi-asset trading tools.*

We live inside the trade, delivering superior service and tools to help you navigate complex market structures and trading strategy challenges.

  • Capture exclusive liquidity. ITG is the only direct route to the unique liquidity and crossing potential of POSIT® in more than 30 countries. In Canada, MATCH NowSM is the country’s premier broker-neutral dark book for registered investment dealers.
  • Capitalize on our expertise. Augment your desk capabilities with our regional market insights, electronic trading skill, and expert service for single stocks, lists, and derivatives.
  • Maintain confidence. As an agency-focused broker, ITG is your trusted, strategic partner.
  • Step up your access. Our sophisticated strategies, including smart routing and award-winning single and list-based algorithms, help reduce market impact and improve trade performance.
  • Partner for liquidity. We help provide you with best execution for your retail, institutional, option, and international order flow and connect you to global liquidity sources.
  • Route retail orders. Retail broker dealers can tap into institutional sources of liquidity and a broad network of wholesalers with ITG Smart Retail Router and maximize the exposure of their passive orders with ITG SLimit for Retail.


  • Accelerate your derivatives. We offer direct access to all US options exchanges as well as Smart Routing, Sweeper, and Hunter orders via Triton® or an API. Both support multiple asset classes for seamless side-by-side position management.

Fixed Income (FI)

  • Trade US Corporate Bonds with electronic ease. Offering real-time pricing on more than 14,000 corporate bonds, POSIT FI allows fund managers and broker dealers to trade corporate bonds anonymous while minimizing price impact.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

  • Trade world currency pairs with ease. Partner with us to provide your clients with global dealing in more than 21 currencies, including liquidity from top-tier banks. ITG take a real-time execution approach rooted in transparency, discretion, and best execution.

*Brokerage services for institutional buy side clients provided by ITG Inc., member, FINRA, SIPC. Brokerage services for broker-dealer clients provided by an affiliate, AlterNet Securities, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC and AlterNet (UK) Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority.


Good decisions stem from great data, not educated guesses. If you need to know whether to acquire or divest, launch a new product, learn what the competition is up to, or confirm that your plan is a sound one, ask us to help.

Whether you are in the Consumer, Telecom, or Energy sectors, we’ll provide the insights you need, gathered from a unique mix of published and proprietary data. Whether your goal is identifying broad industry trends or supporting a complex thesis, our team of expert market researchers can provide syndicated reports, custom reports, primary research, and surveys that answer your most pressing questions while meeting your deadlines.


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