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ITG brings its trading expertise to Latin America’s emerging markets, offering comprehensive local knowledge, innovative electronic tools, and deep market insights. Traders in Latin America face unique challenges, including market volatility, political and currency risk, and high trading and settlement costs. With a full suite of algorithmic strategies in Brazil, Mexico and more recently Chile, plus high-touch coverage for all MSCI LatAm markets, ITG provides unrivaled solutions in navigating the Latin American landscape.

ITG is a pioneer in electronic trading in Brazil and Mexico, which together make up approximately 80% of total regional market turnover. POSIT Alert® Mexico and POSIT Alert® Brazil offer on-exchange crossing opportunities for institutional investors seeking cost-effective block liquidity, while minimizing leakage and reducing spread costs.

Trading costs in Latin America can be more than twice those in the US. ITG Trading Cost Analysis is another service ITG provides to help clients minimize the cost of trading in the region.

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Reinventing the (Algo) Wheel: Performance-Driven Trading As a Solution to MiFID II Testing Requirements

The Performance Driven Trading approach seeks to simplify the process, reduce the potential for trader bias, and provide an evolutionary path towards relative performance measurement with continuous process improvement, in collaboration with the broker community.

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