ITG has revolutionized the financial research business with innovative proprietary methods and tools for accessing real-time data. Through exclusive relationships with industry data providers and proprietary Web harvesting technology we generate fresh insights from superior analysis of billions of data points.  ITG does not issue buy-sell recommendations. Our sole mission is to give you market insight to stay ahead of the Street, make smarter investment decisions, and improve your performance.


ITG has reinvented the way analysts crunch data. Our innovative data-driven tools and methodologies produce useful insights, reveal hidden drivers, and zero in on soon-to-break opportunities with every up-to-the-minute report we publish. Our clients find our research and analysis is truly unlike anything they can find on their own.

Data Access

We believe real insight comes from mining massive amounts of real-time data—data that goes beyond company guidance, beyond consensus, beyond the reach of traditional research. As such we can identify disconnects from Street consensus and catch inflection points ahead of the market.

We approach data from a multitude of perspectives and innovative directions, using a number of data sets from both public and proprietary sources. Our data analysis covers sectors including:

  • Daily extended consumer transaction panel of over 3 million users and anonymized transaction level data from over 4 million accounts
  • Energy Exploration & Production
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Technology, Media & Telecom
  • Macroeconomics


Syndicated Research

Our skilled analysts, exclusive data sources, and proven research methodology drive our syndicated research. Subscription service levels dictate analyst access, complimentary event attendance, and informal interactions with our analysts and industry experts.

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Custom Research

For “deeper dives” into our data, we offer bespoke reports that often include companies we may not cover in syndicate. These reports include spreadsheets that aggregate data into important metrics (viewable in charts and tables) as well as all verbatim responses. We also offer custom reports for select companies outside our syndicated analyst coverage universe.

Proprietary Data

We mine the digital footprints left behind by billions of transactions that occur every day throughout the world. We also collect and purchase “exhaust” data
from third-party sources that generate

invaluable data in the course of doing business, and we conduct our own Web harvesting activities on publicly available data. Taken together, these activities create a vast set of proprietary data you can use to power your investment models. What’s more, we offer historical trading analytics data to help you make the most informed strategy, broker, algorithm, and liquidity venue selections.

Primary Research

Utilize our Primary Research alone or in conjunction with our unique data sources to uncover what is happening in a company or throughout a sector. You select the questions you want answered and the population you would like to learn more about. Our Survey Specialists employ proactive data-gathering techniques, including:

  • Survey capabilities (web-based, telephone, and in-person)
  • Expertise in questionnaire design, the interviewing process, and analysis of data
  • Access to a diverse set of panel and industry experts, including Consumers, Business-to-Business, and Healthcare individuals