We designed our sophisticated automated trading strategies to reduce market impact, maximize execution quality, and improve trading performance. Our unique approach to transparency ensures you know exactly what our algorithms plan to do, before they do it, and then allows you to monitor progress against those expectations in real time*.

ITG Algorithms are available in the following locations:

Asia-PacificCanadaEMEALatin AmericaUnited States

ITG Algorithms are available for the following markets:

DerivativesEquitiesForeign Exchange

The ITG Algorithms® suite includes:

    ITG Single Stock Algorithms®
    ITG List-Based Algorithms®
  • Access exclusive liquidity. ITG Algorithms are the only route to the rich, diverse liquidity in POSIT Marketplace®.
  • Protect yourself. We have no proprietary or market-making trading desk and our proprietary Liquidity Filter defends you from adverse pricing across aggregated dark pools.
  • Customize. Our consultants can build or customize any ITG Algorithm to fit your trading style, risk profile, and workflow.
  • Aggregate dark liquidity. Simultaneously access all of ITG’s liquidity and cross anonymously with quality liquidity pools across small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks with POSIT Marketplace®, our dark aggregating algorithm.
  • See Inside. Not only does ITG let you monitor the real-time progress of each algorithm (down to child-level detail), we also display a forecast so you can see what is going to happen next via ITG Algorithms® Prism*.

For a list of all ITG Algorithms, by region and market (equities, futures, options), click here.

*Currently available for US algorithms