Occasionally, even the most experienced traders can fall prey to market manipulation, gaming, fishing, and other harmful trading practices. One dark pool—POSIT®—has reinforced its customer protections with truly innovative safeguards that methodically preserve trade quality across the board.


Here’s how POSIT’s Liquidity Guard works:



As part of POSIT’s matching logic, Liquidity Guard proactively avoids bad fills by comparing current to historical market activity to flag outlier pricing. This rigorous mechanical, mathematical approach identifies potentially poor fills in-the-moment and prevents an immediate match.


Post-trade, Liquidity Guard methodically analyzes just-completed trades to identify outliers. Our support team immediately investigates any questionable fills to determine whether manipulation, fishing, or gaming actually occurred. In the event of a bad fill, we take action to prevent further occurrences. We also apply the new insights to our prevention logic to stay ahead of market gamers and protect our customers.

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