ITG can help you simplify complex derivatives. To support and enhance your international equity portfolio or sophisticated hedge fund strategy needs, we offer derivatives capabilities for options and futures.  With our speed, connectivity, and on-the-ground expertise in complex instruments, ITG gives you the flexibility you need.

  • Real-time streaming data and DMA platforms to all US exchange-traded options on equities and indices; all major North American futures contracts plus Asian, Canadian, and European equity index and interest rate futures
  • Pure DMA—our independence means your trading strategy and orders are confidential and secure
  • Cutting-edge order types and specialized derivative functionality integrated with single stock and equity portfolio trading
  • Low-latency application programming interfaces (APIs) for black-box traders
  • Technology infrastructure designed for the demands of high throughput black-box trading; offering some of the fastest routing and processing times in the market
  • Electronic automated trading and/or specialists who work one-on-one to help solve your derivatives trading and technology issues
  • Daily market commentary and trade ideas tied to our investment research; assesses current options market dynamics and interprets trade flows
  • Advanced options features for traders employing volatility, delta-neutral, and other sophisticated options strategies

Our derivatives offerings include:

ITG Algorithms®
ITG Compliance Monitoring System
ITG Net®
ITG Order Management System
ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing
Triton® Derivatives/Triton® Derivatives API