In the opaque world of FX, you need an independent guide who speaks the language.  Our market-leading TCA and real-time, transparent execution approach show you exactly what you need to know so that you can take advantage of liquidity, minimize market impact, find the best price, and improve performance.

  • Global dealing in more than 21 currencies and top-tier interbank relationships
  • Agency trading desk telephone services rooted in transparency, discretion, and best execution
  • Real-time execution approach (vs. typical EOD) takes advantage of liquidity, can improve pricing, and reduces intraday risk
  • Conflict-free trading; we do not engage in proprietary FX trading for our own monetary gain and put your goals first
  • Unconstrained sourcing of the best liquidity providers and lines of credit due to our independence
  • Market-leading Transaction Cost Analysis capabilities (ITG TCA for FX) identify where slippage and costs occur—across all of your counterparties  — so you can make more informed future FX transaction decisions
  • Ingenuity and a fresh approach to help advance and enhance trading in the world’s currency markets
  • Tools to capture better prices for interlisted securities and automating the FX conversion process
  • CLS membership to reduce your settlement risk on eligible trades in 17 currencies
  • Independent, auditable London benchmark fixing series

Our foreign exchange offerings include:

ITG Algorithms®
ITG FX Dealing Services
ITG Order Management System