Asia Pacific

ITG provides expertise and a full range of trading tools to capitalize on the rapidly developing Asia Pacific markets.  Since 1997, we’ve delivered innovative, locally designed offerings to help institutional investors navigate the intricacies of each unique marketplace, from Australia and Hong Kong to Japan and Singapore.

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An active participant in the Canadian investment community since 2002, ITG is the clear leader in Canadian electronic trading.   Our deep understanding of the marketplace helps us shape, and prepare you for, the future of trading, technology, policy, and research in Canada.

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ITG’s five offices in the United Kingdom and Europe are home to regional experts with deep knowledge of these highly fragmented and evolving markets. From regulation and electronic dark liquidity aggregation to transaction cost analysis, we’ve helped European investors unravel market complexities and improve performance since 1997.

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Latin America

ITG offers a growing range of trading tools, services, and expertise for investors in Latin American markets. We draw upon our local relationships and record of service and innovation to empower electronic trading in these rapidly developing markets.

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United States

We founded ITG with a commitment to empower buyside investors. Our unique ability to navigate complexity and focus on what’s important has helped us deliver innovations to our clients since 1987—from the introduction of POSIT®, Triton® and ITG TCA® to our fresh approaches toward investment research, derivatives and foreign exchange.

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