Canadian market structure continues to evolve and transform, most notably through the introduction of numerous new alternative trading venues. Traders are fighting the resulting increased fragmentation with the adoption of sophisticated algorithms, smart order routers, and crossing engines. ITG helps you deftly navigate this complexity. We provide independent strategic guidance as well as innovative electronic tools and prescient insights to help you capitalize on sweeping change.

Sales Management

Etienne Phaneuf
Managing Director, CEO of ITG in Canada
Head of ITG’s Canadian businesses since July 2015 and a member of the Canadian executive team since 2005, Mr. Phaneuf joined ITG in 2000 as a portfolio trader. Prior to ITG, he held institutional trading roles at TD Securities and CT Securities.

Products & Solutions

The following offers are available in Canada to institutional investors.

ITG Non-Institutional Trading Services, a division of ITG Canada Corp, offers electronic trading services to experienced and former institutional Canadian investors who may not currently qualify under IIROC’s “institutional” designation.
The following offers are available in Canada to non-institutional investors:

  • Pure POSIT® liquidity including anonymous block crossing through POSIT Alert® and dark liquidity aggregation through POSIT Marketplace®
  • ITG Trading Services
  • ITG Execution Management Systems such as ITG FX Aggregator, Triton®, Triton® Black and Triton® Derivatives
  • ITG Algorithms® and ITG Smart Routing
  • Global FIX connectivity and IOIs through ITG Net®

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