The US financial markets have experienced expansive change over the past three decades. While market efficiency has increased, so too has market complexity. Since our founding in 1987 we’ve been at the forefront of these changes, helping you navigate their complexities through prescient insights and market-leading innovation.

Although we began focused on the equity markets, we’ve since expanded to five US offices also offering derivatives and foreign exchange services as well as truly unique investment research.

Sales Management

Jamie Selway
Managing Director and Head of Electronic Brokerage and Sales

Mr. Selway is responsible for ITG’s POSIT® crossing network, as well as the firm’s smart routing, algorithmic trading, and derivatives businesses, and oversees the associated sales and support teams. He also provides ITG clients with analysis of global structural and regulatory developments. Prior to joining ITG Mr. Selway was Co-Founder of White Cap Trading. He previously served as Chief Economist at Archipelago and worked in equity derivatives research at Goldman Sachs.

Michael Marrale
Managing Director and Head of Research Sales and Trading

Mr. Marrale joined ITG in 2012 to lead the firm’s high touch research sales and trading operations. Previously, he spent ten years at RBC Capital Markets where he served in multiple roles, including Portfolio Manager, Head of Sector Strategy, Director of Equity Sales, and most recently, Head of Sales Trading. Prior to RBC, he held various positions at Lehman Brothers and Prudential Securities.

Products & Solutions

The following offers are available in the United States.

Office & Contact Information

New York
Company Headquarters
One Liberty Plaza
165 Broadway
New York, NY 10006
Main: +1.212.588.4000
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787 or +1.212.444.6100
High Touch Trading: +1.877.656.7571 or +1.212.588.4340
High Touch Portfolio Trading: +1.866.245.5254 or +1.212.588.4224
ITG Investment Research (Sales): +1.866.245.8609 or +1.212.588.4182
ITG Market Research: +1.212.323.3527

100 High Street
Boston, MA 02110
Main: +1.617.728.2800
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787 or +1.617.692.6900
High Touch Trading: +1.866.245.6032
High Touch Portfolio Trading: +1.866.245.5254
ITG Investment Research (Sales): +1.866.245.8609

601 South LaSalle Street
Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60605
Main: +1.312.935.0100
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787

Los Angeles
400 Corporate Pointe
6th Floor
Culver City, CA 90230
Main: +

San Francisco
525 Market Street
Suite 1810
San Francisco, CA 94104
Main: +1.415.645.5900
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787
High Touch Trading: +1.866.245.6032
High Touch Portfolio Trading: +1.866.245.5254
ITG Investment Research (Sales): +1.866.245.8609