With ITG, incredible speed and flexibility don't have to come at the expense of heavy lifting.  In today's hyper-complicated environment, you need your investment platforms to handle the burden of unprecedented regulation, sophisticated portfolio strategies, and countless operational details—all in a sub-millisecond reality, while missing nothing.  With direct market access and true neutrality across brokers, liquidity destinations, and vendors, ITG's EMS and OMS platforms give you complete control to execute your trading strategy while maintaining the strictest oversight.


ITG Execution Management Systems

Shortly after its launch in 2003, Triton® became synonymous with ‘best trading platform’. A comprehensive global and broker-neutral trading suite for equities and equity derivatives, Triton empowers you to determine the right strategy and quickly locate liquidity. Our other EMSs meet specific market needs in the Foreign Exchange and OTC-negotiated cash equities and derivatives markets, bringing electronic execution efficiency to previously phone-traded instruments.

Our EMS suite includes:

ITG FX Aggregator
Triton® Black

Triton® Derivatives

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ITG Order Management Systems

Transform your investment process into one that is streamlined, optimized for trading proficiency, and maximizes enterprise controls.  Each broker-neutral component of our OMS is available independently or as an integrated suite.

Our OMS suite includes:

ITG Order Management System
ITG Compliance Monitoring System

ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing

ITG Position ManagerTM

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ITG Service Modules

You know that best execution doesn’t end with trade execution – it extends all the way to the back office.   ITG helps you streamline the administrative aspects of trading while maintaining the freedom to choose preferred brokers, liquidity destinations, research partners, and utilities. We’ll help you reach global liquidity sources, aggregate executions into a single ticket, manage CSA and CCA commission credits, and automate trade matching and settlement – all in an effort to maximize efficiency and increase transparency.

ITG Service Modules  include:

ITG Commission Manager
ITG Net®
ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing
ITG Single Ticket Clearing Service

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