You should tell your EMS what you want it to do—not the other way around.  With ITG's market-leading Triton® suite, you get broker-neutral global market access across equities and derivatives along with your choice of liquidity destinations and algorithms.  Combined with powerful real-time TCA and incredible speed, you have everything you need to execute your customized trading strategy.

ITG Execution Management Systems


ITG RFQ-hub is available in the following locations:

ITG RFQ-hub is available for the following markets:


Our best-in-class multi-dealer, bilateral platform facilitates straight-through-processing in the OTC-negotiated cash equities and derivatives markets, connecting buyside trading desks and portfolio managers with a large network of sell-side market-makers.

  • Streamline OTC-negotiated transactions. Facilitates RFQs and Requests for IOIs from the buy-side as well as sell-side IOIs and Trade Axes. Connects with pre- and post-trade systems for STP and optimized operational control.
  • Trade multiple assets. Route orders across equities, futures, options (vanilla and light exotics), structured products, convertible bonds, and commodities. Trade global underlyings.
  • Tap our network. Connect to 31 liquidity providers, including all Tier-1 investment banks.
  • Execute your way. Trade as agency, risk-principal, or ETF creation and redemption.
  • Analyze executions. Receive insightful business intelligence and analytics, including trade statistics, broker reviews, Alpha index tracking, hit ratios, and distribution of business.


Triton® is available in the following locations:

Asia-PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States
Triton® is available for the following markets:


Our award-winning EMS provides direct, broker-neutral access to global markets and easy-to-use tools to help achieve best execution. Connect with hundreds of brokers around the world and a wide range of algorithmic strategies—locate liquidity for single stocks, lists, and derivatives wherever and however you want.

  • Expand opportunities. Access to equity and equity derivatives markets, global brokers and their algorithms, and the full power of ITG crossing, algorithms, and dark aggregation.
  • Trade globally with local insights. Our regional desks provide local market color and trading expertise. Share lists across time zones and pass the book 24X6.
  • Plan, prior to trading. Identify outliers and analyze the implications of different execution strategies. View estimated costs and conduct “what-if” scenarios.
  • Monitor costs real time. Determine costs at the point of trade, based on the exclusive ITG Peer Universe database.
  • Maximize post-trade analysis. Run cost analysis or assess trading performance and implicit costs, post-trade. ITG consultants provide expert interpretation.
  • Reduce Clearing Costs. Consolidate trade tickets to reduce custodial ticket charges.

Triton® Black

Triton® Black is available in the following locations:

CanadaEMEAUnited States
Triton® Black is available for the following markets:

EquitiesEquity OptionsForeign ExchangeFutures

ITG’s next-generation multi-asset platform for active traders of single stocks is the newest addition to the Triton® family. With its streamlined, modular interface, Triton® Black’s advanced technology provides full access to ITG’s broker-neutral tools, making researching, evaluating, and executing trades fast and easy.

  • Access deeper data. Research each stock from a birds-eye or granular perspective. All the data you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Customize your interface. Configure your workflow to match the way you think and work most efficiently.
  • Connect globally. Trade freely with ITG and third-party destinations worldwide across a multitude of platforms.
  • Execute quickly. Get instantaneous snapshots of market volume, volatility, and pricing and adjust your strategy as you trade.
  • Trade multiple assets. Easily execute strategies with data and workflow tailored for global equities, futures, options and foreign exchange.

Triton® Derivatives (ITG Matrix)

Triton Derivatives is available in the following locations:

CanadaUnited States
Triton Derivatives is available for the following markets:


Designed for low latency electronic trading of equities and equity derivatives with a full suite of risk and position management tools. Market data and order entry APIs provide high speed direct market access from any black-box or automated trading strategy.

  • Optimize desktop real estate. Trade equities, options, and futures with instrument-specific tools while monitoring status across all activity.
  • Improve speed of execution. Our low-latency DMA technology and infrastructure is designed for the demands of automated black-box trading.
  • Maintain flexibility. This broker-neutral agency offering provides a choice of preferred liquidity venues, routing methodologies, prime brokers, and clearing arrangements.
  • Locate liquidity. Choose direct market access, slice an order across multiple venues, or allow our algorithms to stealthily locate liquidity on your behalf.