To manage the complexity of global, multi-asset trading, simplify your point of view. ITG's OMS brings portfolio management, trading, FIX connectivity, compliance, and post-trade processing together in one place. And because it easily incorporates your internal and third-party applications, modules, and data, you can fully customize it to create a truly integrated enterprise system that works best for you.

ITG Order Management Systems

ITG Order Management System (Macgregor XIP®)

ITG Order Management System is available in the following locations:

CanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Order Management System is available for the following markets:

DerivativesEquitiesFixed IncomeForeign Exchange

Execute investment decisions with increased speed, control, and efficiency.  Integrated portfolio management and trading applications keep portfolio managers and the desk in sync while managing complex, global, multi-asset portfolios. Customizable, extensible, and easily integrated with your preferred internal and external applications.

  • Trade global markets. Specialized functionality for equities, fixed income, derivatives, FX, wealth management, hedge funds, and more. Specify underlying base currency at the system, account, or portfolio manager view levels.
  • Advance your trading. Sophisticated electronic trading and algorithmic capabilities, functionality for single stocks and lists, numerous global connectivity options, and tools for easy summarization and allocation in an environment of increasingly smaller fills.
  • Realize best execution. Pre-trade analytics help you make better decisions. Streamlined connectivity to any execution venue reduces market impact and lowers commissions and spreads. Post-trade transaction cost analysis helps reduce expenses
  • Manage portfolios. Conduct “what if” analysis, modeling and rebalancing, manage cash flows, conduct swaps and hedges, and optimize your portfolios for maximum performance
  • Integrate. Operates seamlessly with proprietary and third-party systems, applications, modules, and data. Presents consolidated, dynamic information views. Extend your intraday book of record to other applications.

ITG Compliance Monitoring System (ITG Compliance®)

ITG Compliance Monitoring System is available in the following locations*:

CanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Compliance Monitoring System is available for the following markets:

DerivativesEquitiesFixed IncomeForeign Exchange

Centrally manage global portfolio compliance activity across all phases of the investment process, security types, and global compliance directives. Real-time, pre-trade compliance checks help you avoid potential violations of ownership thresholds or other restrictions prior to execution. End-of-day capabilities automate the process of determining daily compliance status across a wide range of investments, funds, and mandates.

  • Build and apply rules easily. Use our global rules library, “natural language” rule-building facility, and “drag and drop” capabilities to apply rules to portfolios or accounts.
  • Make informed investment decisions. Portfolio Managers can analyze the compliance impact of a proposed portfolio change quickly and effectively.
  • Protects your investments. Adheres to simple restriction rules as well as performs complex real-time calculations to minimize losses from excessive style drift, insufficient diversification, and credit exposure.
  • Resolve and respond quickly. View all relevant data for investigating exceptions through drill-down capabilities and links to embedded supporting documentation. Quickly compile historical data online to satisfy common requests from regulators and auditors.
  • Demonstrate “affirmative compliance”. Going beyond exception-based systems, it maintains your state of compliance for all rule evaluations, pass or fail.

*pre-defined rules set for Canada, EMEA, and the US.

ITG Position Manager™

ITG Position Manager is available in the following locations:

AsiaCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Position Manager is available for the following markets:

DerivativesEquitiesFixed IncomeForeign Exchange

Command central for each of your teams’ critical functions, including Portfolio Management, Operations, Trading, and Compliance, the system connects to multiple prime brokers for daily and intra-day position updates and is fully integrated with the Triton® EMS Suite for trading via FIX.

  • Monitor positions. At-a-glance P&L status and full management of your positions, including risk and exposure, performance attribution, and compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Integrate with multiple primes. Easy integration with single or multiple prime brokers; add more as you grow.
  • Trade your way. Full support for multiple currencies, strategies, asset types, and portfolios. Seamless integration with most popular data feeds, custodians, and administrators.
  • Automate allocations. Quickly set up custom allocation methods across portfolios and primes and mechanize the processing to primes and brokers.
  • Outsource operations. Available as a hosted, cloud-based service to reduce your operational burden.
  • Manage your growth. Our system scales as you add funds, strategies, asset classes, primes, allocation and compliance rules.