Independent of our EMS and OMS systems, these platforms include a service component to help you improve transparency and operational efficiency. In addition to connecting you to brokers around the globe. we can automate administrative aspects of commission management, clearing, and broker FIX connectivity, as well as provide execution transparency throughout the trade lifecycle.

ITG Service Modules

ITG Commission Manager (BrokerPay)

ITG Commission Manager is available in the following locations:

Asia PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Commission Manager is available in the following markets:


A consolidated, secure web-based portal for aggregating commission credits, maintaining account balances, and facilitating payment to few or many research vendors.

  • Access all through one portal. At-a-glance access to account information across all brokers and research providers; includes trade details, invoices, statements, and archived trade and payment history.
  • Lighten the load. Regional specialists work with you to develop what’s best for your program. Go beyond pooling credits, managing bills, and reconciling trades so ITG becomes an extension of your team.
  • Maintain control. You decide the value of each research service, communicate the value to the provider and authorize ITG to make payment.
  • Trade freely. Execute equities and options through ITG or other brokers.
  • Aggregate. Use ITG to consolidate CCA and CSA commissions accumulated from numerous trading partners into one account.

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ITG Net®

ITG Net is available in the following locations:

Asia-PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Net is available in the following markets:


Our fully managed global network employs Financial Information Xchange (FIX) to deliver reliable, fast, and secure electronic trade routing that is broker and platform-neutral. With robust decision-support tools, we go beyond trade routing to deliver actionable insights to help you source liquidity and demonstrate best execution.

  • Maintain your freedom. Trade with whom you want, when you want, and on the trading platform of your choice.
  • View IOIs. Notifies you of real-time liquidity opportunities against names in your trading blotter. Unique filtering capabilities help identify the best trading opportunities.
  • Gain trade execution insights. Reveals trading activity trends. See how your team is sourcing and distributing orders to brokers and evaluate performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Manage transaction and operational costs. Value-added services include pre- and post-trade cost analysis, trade ticket aggregation for settlement, and ASP trade matching and settlement notification.

ITG Single Ticket Clearing Service

ITG Single Ticket Clearing Service is available in the following locations:

Asia-PacificCanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Single Ticket Clearing Service is available in the following markets:


Pursue best executions strategies in an increasingly fragmented marketplace without the operational financial repercussions. Our settlement processing service aggregates global trades executed across multiple brokers and venues into a single ticket per account to reduce your custodial costs.

  • Trade freely. Utilize the latest algorithms and access numerous global destinations using your preferred trading applications and network.
  • Attract more assets. Institutional clients appreciate the reduction in direct costs and total return of actively managed or small/mid-cap strategies.
  • Maintain broker relationships. We ensure you get credit from executing brokers for global order flow, commission, and soft dollar attribution.

ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing (ITG Trade Ops™)

ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing is available in the following locations:

CanadaEMEAUnited States

ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing is available for the following markets:

EquitiesDerivativesFixed Income

A consolidated, outsourced service for global trade matching and settlement notification that is automated, integrated, scalable, and exceptions-oriented. With plug-and-play connectivity to the industry’s post-trade utilities, support for multiple, flexible settlement communications methods, and a real-time process monitor, ITG Trade Operations Outsourcing can significantly increase the efficiency of your back office.

  • Consolidate post-trade processes. Through one vendor and system, you can automate the entire matching and settlement notification process.
  • Achieve an exceptions-oriented workflow. Only those trades with an exception require your involvement.
  • Conform globally. Includes support for all security types processed by the utilities with which it interfaces, as well as global, settlement market practice updates.
  • Reduce operational costs. Includes ASP management of all infrastructure, connectivity, and maintenance associated with multiple utilities and counterparties.