High Touch Trading

Gain a partner, not a counterparty

When the stakes are high or the trade is complex, the road to best execution demands a combination of human expertise and advanced electronic tools. No one knows our algorithms, analytics, and trading tools better than our traders. And, because we’re an agency-focused brokerage, the guidance you get is served up with your best interest in mind.

From difficult single stock trades or lists to international securities and derivatives, we make every aspect of institutional trading work together harmoniously. We offer trade cost and execution analysis, innovative liquidity access tools and platforms, derivatives expertise, technology implementation assistance, and insightful market commentary.

Portfolio Trading

One call to ITG Portfolio Trading puts you in touch with experts in every region who work to help you source liquidity while avoiding hidden pitfalls. As one of the world’s leading independent execution brokers, as well as an innovator in electronic trading, we are well qualified handle even the biggest, most complex portfolio trades.

We also provide insightful index research, analyzing the likely impact of major index additions, exclusions and reweightings and offering guidance to portfolio traders in the run-up to these events.

Our offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific provide you with electronic and high-touch trading access to more than 40 different countries. Ask us for insights on any market and take advantage of our regional expertise, dedicated client support, and global liquidity.


Available for: Equities

Sector Trading

Sector trading specialists deliver real-time insights and superior high-touch execution to our clients every trading day. A key asset within ITG’s full-service global trading desk, our sector trading experts focus on the more than 200 companies covered by ITG Investment Research, including companies within the Consumer, Technology, Media, and Telecom sectors.

Available for: Equities
Available in: United States

Derivatives Trading

Whether hedging a portfolio or executing a complex derivatives strategy, rely on ITG connectivity, electronic tools, and high-touch expertise in futures and options. We can help you tackle all types of derivatives challenges, whether you execute through one of our platforms, algorithms, or trading desks.

Available for: Derivatives
Available in: United States

Securities Lending

Through our deep relationships and decades of experience in the intricacies of securities lending, we can help you settle transactions on a shortened or extended basis, customizing programs to meet your internal cash flow needs. With ITG Securities Lending you can receive cash sooner, make payments later than normal, or take advantage of opportunities that arise ahead of schedule. We even locate hard-to-borrow securities for short selling purposes.

Available for: Equities, Fixed Income
Available in: Canada, United States

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  • 2015 – #1 among Greenwich Priorities for Equity Algo/Smart Order Routing Trades

    Greenwich Associates Europe

  • 2015 – #1 for Best Pre- and Post-Trade Analysis for Algorithmic Trades

    Greenwich Associates Europe