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Accurate, Timely Intelligence

Every business needs intelligence—rigorous insights to help you speed up decision lead times and give you the first opportunity to launch, buy, sell, or outflank your competition. We thoroughly evaluate each industry we cover to deliver the in-depth qualitative insights and meaningful quantitative data you need to make critical business decisions.

Drawing on domain experts and leveraging the same proprietary market intelligence and empirical data used by our Investment Research group, we create cutting-edge syndicated and custom reports. From broad industry trends to specific event reporting, we deliver impactful qualitative and quantitative intelligence, while meeting the most ambitious timelines.



Look at the market from any angle in incredible detail. Our professionals leverage some of the same proprietary data sources and methods as our Investment Research division, which informs investment strategies for some of the world’s largest and most well-known investment managers.

We triangulate data from multiple proprietary sources and combine it with point-of-sale data to deliver unique, actionable insights no other provider can match. Whether you’re deciding how or when to bring a new product to market, expand your workforce, acquire or divest, ITG can help by offering access to the right expertise and relevant insights at the right time.

Choose from these periodic reports, as well as custom reports tailored to your specifications:


Look deeper. Our technologically advanced process replaces common beliefs and subjective deductions with hard, empirical insights derived from statistically relevant real-time data from diverse sources.

Translate results into actions. If you have specific needs related to any aspect of your business, or wish to commission a single-client, customized report, our project management team will work with you to develop and program a questionnaire, collate survey results, and interpret the data.


ITG Consumer Market Research gets to the heart of performance, allowing you to use ITG’s unique data to compare a company’s sales trends to competitors, measure customer loyalty and spending patterns, track sales numbers before or after specific events, and gain deep insights into the impacts of strategy shifts.

When evaluating corporate performance, we gather anonymized spending data from millions of consumers and track billions of transactions from tens of thousands of unique merchants across the US. Our world-class data scientists and analysts dig deep to turn consumer and other data sets into high-quality research for some of the most well-known investment firms in the world.

Company and brand-specific reports include:

  • Company and industry market share and trend analysis, including revenue, transactions, traffic, unique users, ASP, and price bands
  • In-depth customer dynamics, including loyalty rates, flowshare and churn between competitors, purchase cadence, and new customer dynamics
  • Bespoke analysis, including industry- or company-specific events, new entrant analysis, marketing campaigns effectiveness, and more

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