Peer Analytics

See How Low Your Transaction Costs Can Go

Find out which of your investment processes are costing too much and which are exceeding performance benchmarks based on peers trading under the same conditions. It’s all here in ITG Peer Analytics, a complete suite of performance-boosting insights, tools, reports, and services.

We’ve collected reliable, historic transaction data from more than 200 leading asset managers over the past six years, to create the ITG Peer Database, one of the largest trading transaction databanks in the world. This unique resource, covering more than $10 trillion USD in transactions per year across more than 70 countries, informs a series of invaluable datasets designed to help ITG clients raise their performance rankings and attract new investors.

The ITG Peer Analytics suite includes a full complement of analysis, data, reports, and custom services.

Available for: Equities

Available in: Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United States

Peer Analysis

Our flagship offering, ITG Peer Situational Analysis, tells you where every transaction ranks compared to your peers and identifies a set of orders for improvement, before they affect performance in the future. Our patented methodology delivers a client-specific report based on a set of standard criteria that includes summaries of performance by trader and manager, cost and performance trends, results based on a variety of order categories, and a list of negative and positive outliers.

Other Peer Analysis offerings include custom analysis, reports on industry-specific parameters with recommendations for improving performance, and reports that compare broker performance, portfolio manager performance, and algorithmic strategies to historic peer benchmarks.

Peer Data

Whether you need a little data for a specific reason, or detailed data for making complex business decisions, ITG can provide the substantiation you need to proceed with confidence. Our clients have come to rely on ITG for data that helps them:

  •   Monitor transaction costs and identify opportunities to improve.
  •   View raw costs vs. relative rankings.
  •   Compare the relative performance of small vs. large orders.
  •   Justify trading costs with peer comparisons.
  •   Conduct cost analysis-based research.
  •   Include anticipated trading cost data in portfolio optimization.


Peer Reports

Our quarterly ITG Peer Report provides a client-specific snapshot of performance relative to the ITG Peer Universe. The ITG Peer Characteristics Reports detail specific non-performance organizational and trading characteristics such as trading desk size, fund flows, etc. Use these to make regular, periodic checks on your own performance against the latest data from your peers.

Sample Reports

Our periodic reports on trade volumes, volatility, and trading costs can provide insight into the effectiveness of your global trading strategies. We generate each report from the broad data sets in our proprietary ITG Peer Universe transaction database.

ITG Peer Analysis Global Cost Review


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