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POSIT® helps you source quality liquidity across equities and fixed income, working to minimize market impact and maximize transparency. A pioneer in block crossing, POSIT has been helping traders anonymously source diverse block liquidity since 1987. Available in 35 markets, it is one of the deepest sources of institutional liquidity in the world.

We go to great lengths to provide effective protection for your trades by building advanced anti-gaming and liquidity filtration into POSIT. In fact, we’re so confident about the decisions we make to protect your orders, we’re happy to show you where, when, and how your orders were filled.

ITG is at the forefront of the industry in our commitment to providing transparency. We have published a guide to POSIT as well as POSIT’s Form ATS. Learn more about transparency at ITG >


POSIT is a leader in block crossing, helping traders anonymously source liquidity while minimizing market impact since 1987. POSIT delivers cost-effective execution and opportunities for price improvement, while employing Liquidity Guard*, a powerful and proprietary set of dynamic and scientific safeguards, to maintain liquidity quality.

Available in 35+ markets worldwide, POSIT is one of the deepest pools of institutional liquidity in the world. Offering seamless access through ITG Triton® and ITG OMS as well as major EMS and OMS providers, POSIT uses price/size pro rata matching logic (favoring size over speed) and offers only a few basic order types, thus reducing execution complexity.

Canadian Registered Dealers can trade anonymously in Canada’s premier broker-neutral dark pool, MATCHNowSM**. To learn more, visit the MATCHNow website.

*Liquidity Guard available only in the US. **Operated by TriAct Canada Marketplace LP, a subsidiary of ITG.

Available for: Equities

POSIT® FI (Fixed Income)

POSIT expertise to build a new crossing network for fixed income, offering midpoint reference prices and negotiated settlement capabilities for more than 15,000 U.S. corporate bonds

With POSIT FI, fixed income investors can take advantage of ITG’s relationships with liquidity providers and buy-side traders while preserving anonymity and minimizing price impact.



Available for: Fixed Income

POSIT® FX (Foreign Exchange)

POSIT FX is designed to allow you to trade anonymously at the market bid, midpoint or offer while minimizing slippage and market impact. POSIT FX’s price-size pro rata matching logic helps eliminate the gaming associated with price-time prioritization.

POSIT FX uses a proprietary consolidated quote feed to calculate the market midpoint in real time and offers continuous crossing. This allows you to remain anonymous and helps to reduce market impact.

Available for: Foreign Exchange

POSIT Alert®

POSIT Alert is an indications system that anonymously delivers institutional block crossing opportunities to your desktop. POSIT Alert seeks to eliminate time-consuming negotiations, reduce costs, and improve performance, all while maintaining anonymity.

Receive notifications of available liquidity from the uncommitted shares of participating buyside clients, combined with order flow in POSIT and ITG Algorithms®.

In North America to further improve the quality of the POSIT Alert community, we’ve introduced PowerScore™ to rank active participants on a scale of 0 to 100 (best) based on their trading behavior. High scorers are those who contribute liquidity to the pool, respond quickly, firm up, and firm up in size.

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Available for: Equities

POSIT Alert FI® (Fixed Income)

POSIT Alert FI delivers corporate bond block crossing opportunities to your desktop. It allows you to counter an offer and negotiate anonymously in real time with your counterparty. POSIT FI features real-time market pricing on more than 15,000 corporate bonds.


Available for: Fixed Income

POSIT Marketplace®

ITG’s next-generation global dark aggregator, POSIT Marketplace, disproves the claim that high quality liquidity and high fill rates are mutually exclusive. In the latest release, POSIT Marketplace 3.0, ITG has created an elegant solution for quickly filling orders consistent with our high standards for quality.

Available on all major EMS and OMS platforms, POSIT Marketplace 3.0 goes beyond dark aggregation to dark optimization, using over 100 different dark pool and order type combinations to find order-appropriate liquidity, while avoiding information-seeking contras.


Available for: Equities


Trade anonymously in Canada’s premier broker-neutral dark book for registered Canadian Investment Dealers and their clients. MATCHNow combines frequent call matches and continuous execution opportunities in a fully anonymous trading book, while helping you improve prices, maximize crossing opportunities, reduce costs, and eliminate information leakage.*

To learn more, please visit the MatchNow website

*Operated by TriAct Canada Marketplace LP, a subsidiary of ITG

Available for: Equities
Available in: Canada

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