Our multi-dealer platform facilitates straight-through processing in the OTC-negotiated cash equities and derivatives markets. Award-winning ITG RFQ-hub connects buy side trading desks and portfolio managers with a large network of sell-side market makers, helping you streamline your OTC-negotiated transactions, even when trading multiple assets.

Route orders across equities, futures, options (vanilla and light exotics), structured products, convertible bonds, and commodities, including global underlyings. In addition, receive insightful business intelligence and analytics, including trade statistics, broker reviews, alpha index tracking, hit ratios, and distribution of business.


Available for: Derivatives, Equities, Foreign Exchange

Available in: Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United States


MiFID II Preparedness Update

Introduction of Large In Scale waiver to POSIT MTF We are pleased to announce that POSIT MTF is now authorized to use the Large In Scale (LIS) pre-trade transparency waiver. Trades concluded by opposing LIS orders will be excluded from the calculations for the 4% or 8% dark trading caps that will be introduced in January 2018, and will not be restricted if a cap-triggered suspension is in place. We will provide further details on how you can make use of this service as we near the end of implementation.

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  • 2014 – Best Equities Trading Platform – Broker

    Wall Street Letter
  • 2014 – Best Equities Trading Platform – Broker

    Wall Street Letter


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