Smart Routing

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Typical trading obstacles—market fragmentation, and competition for quality liquidity—can be tackled head on with ITG Smart Router™, ITG’s fast, single-point connection to displayed and hidden liquidity sources. Designed for low latency trading and with regulatory compliance in mind, our automated, dynamic routing delivers access to traditional and hidden sources of quality liquidity.

ITG Smart Router™

Connect to the unique liquidity in POSIT® as well as Exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, and MTFs. Our fast, customizable, single-point connection to displayed and hidden liquidity dynamically scans available sources and moves orders to market before competitors can get a jump on you. ITG Smart Router delivers rapid fills and seeks to enhance performance with price and size improvement, reduced opportunity costs, and minimized market impact.


Available for: Derivatives, Equities

ITG Smart Retail Routing

ITG Smart Retail Router brings retail broker-dealers high-speed connections to a wide range of institutional liquidity pools, including the exclusive POSIT® pool, major exchanges, ECNs, and ATSs and is supplemented by a broad wholesaler network.

Our low latency model is designed to fill orders faster, rapidly responding to every best-priced quote and beating other market participants to quality liquidity. Handling a variety of order types, the router uses proprietary logic to translate real-time signals into maximized fill rates, minimized market impact, improved execution quality, and abundant liquidity.


Available for: Equities
Available in: United States

ITG Best Market Server

ITG’s automated routing engine for interlisted securities rapidly compares and chooses how to execute an order to optimize price. It compares and evaluates the securities against both the US and Canadian markets using a tight FX rate to identify the best price. Offering narrow FX spreads, Best Market Server is designed to maximize liquidity and provide price improvements in today’s competitive North American FX and equity markets.

Available for: Equities
Available in: Canada, United States

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  • 2015 – #1 among Greenwich Priorities for Equity Algo/Smart Order Routing Trades

    Greenwich Associates Europe

  • 2015 – #1 for Best Pre- and Post-Trade Analysis for Algorithmic Trades

    Greenwich Associates Europe