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Trading Analytics

The most direct route from uncertainty to clarity is ITG’s data-driven analytics. We have pioneered the field of investment analytics with innovative data sources, breakthrough methodologies, and extensive global and historical coverage. We’ll help you uncover the hidden costs that can erode your profits—before, during, and after you trade.

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Portfolio Analytics

When solving complex portfolio construction problems, it’s easy to waste time searching for data and running “what if” scenarios. With ITG, you can quickly construct, rebalance, and test optimal portfolios to manage costs, reduce tax liability, and minimize risk. And because our market-leading decision support tools are grounded in real-world execution data, you can be sure you’re making informed choices.

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Peer Analytics

Find out which of your investment processes are costing too much and which are exceeding performance benchmarks based on peers trading under the same conditions. It’s all here in ITG Peer Analytics, a complete suite of performance-boosting insights, tools, reports, and services.

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Tick Pilot Update

Strategy tips from ITG’s Colleen Ruane & Phil Pearson The Tick Size Pilot Program has resulted in increased liquidity for included small-cap stocks—but that comes at a price. ITG’s analysis, which draws on its proprietary Global Peer database of tick pilot trading by more than 100 institutional investors, finds that trading costs since the pilot launched in October 2016 are almost 50% higher, on average, compared with the control group.


  • 2015 – Best TCA Provider

    Waters Rankings
  • 2014 – #1 Outstanding TCA Provider

    The Trade Hall of Fame Awards, Europe


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