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  • Industry-standard cost models–our TCA cost models–Agency Cost Estimator (ACE) and Dynamic ACE
  • More than 200 custom benchmarks/models to meet specific measurement needs
  • Robust FX trading analytics covering 350+ currency pairs

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Source: ITG, 1/2017


MiFID II: Systematic Internalisers and Liquidity Unbundling

Major changes are underway, causing significant extra work in the short term as the industry adapts and builds solutions to help the buy side deal with their consequences. However, we think that long term, the buy side will continue to be able to access liquidity efficiently with unprecedented control over the counterparties they choose to interact with—in effect, an unbundling of liquidity sources from the aggregation of flows residing in broker pools today.

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  • 2015 – Best TCA Provider

    Waters Rankings
  • 2016 – Best New Mobile Application (ITG Analytics Incubator)

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