Algos and smart routers engineered for superior performance—by your traders and ours


We designed our automated trading strategies to reduce market impact, maximize execution quality, and improve trading performance, whether you’re trading single stocks or lists. The ITG algos suite includes algorithms for trading equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange, and also provides direct access to the rich, diverse liquidity in POSIT, as well as a range of other liquidity sources.

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ITG’s U.S. Smart Order Router (SOR) delivers market-leading size and price improvement, plus customization and transparency that put you in control. Our early tests returned 1.35x size improvement; try it today to see what ITG’s SOR can do for you.

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High Touch Trading

When the stakes are high or the trade is complex, the road to best execution demands a combination of human expertise and advanced electronic tools. No one knows our algorithms, analytics, and trading tools better than our traders. And, because we’re an agency-focused brokerage, the guidance you get is served up with your best interest in mind.

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Performance-Driven Trading

With the rise of global unbundling, traders’ best-execution workload will increase dramatically, as they must develop a best-ex commission allocation scheme for all counterparties. Given so many brokers and so much noise inherent to trading, this is not just a practical concern, but an econometric one. This isn’t a new problem, but one that will become more common. Some of ITG’s clients, notably quantitative firms, are already trading exclusively for best-ex, with a history of performing TCA and judging algorithmic trading experiments. This document attempts to document some of the practices we have observed and offers some insights into how they can be used by traders at non-quantitative funds.

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  • 2014 – Best Equities Trading Platform – Broker

    Wall Street Letter
  • 2014 – Alternative Trading System of the Year

    The Asian Banker Financial Markets Awards


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