Algos and smart routers engineered for superior performance—by your traders and ours

Smart order router

Event-driven routing model sources best-priced fills across 26 countries

  • Intelligent routing logic targets multiple destinations to get fills equal to or better than the far touch price
  • Opt-in for aggressive orders to utilize ISO sweep
  • Built-in SLimit advanced order handling logic
  • Choice of the destinations you interact with to maintain control over where orders are routed
  • Opt-in for automated multi-venue conditional orders

Features described are available in the U.S. Check with your ITG representative for availability in your region.

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Source: ITG, Q4 2016

POSIT Marketplace


Source: ITG, 1H 2016

Global dark aggregator captures 88% of traded block volume*

  • Routing decisions made based on optimization built with proprietary machine-learning techniques designed to produce higher fill rates
  • Handles orders 40x larger, on average, than other dark aggregators**
  • Liquidity Filter technology segments liquidity using complex order types and stock-specific minimum quantities to minimize information leakage (available in U.S. and EMEA)
  • Conditional access to other venues including POSIT Alert, with fills 50x the U.S. dark pool average
  • Low-latency technology platform designed for direct connectivity for the buy side

*Computed as U.S. block trades (> 5k shares) executed by ITG divided by block trades in U.S. market while an order is present in POSIT Marketplace.
**In the U.S., POSIT Marketplace ADV is 8% vs. 0.2% in the peer universe.

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Complete suite, leveraging ITG’s SOR and POSIT Marketplace

  • Unique liquidity, via POSIT Marketplace’s dark aggregator, with 30+ dark venues and SLimit advanced order handling available in North America
  • Models-based, reflecting continual R&D to improve client performance
  • Access to 39 countries via 30+ EMS/OMS platforms
  • A truly modern algo suite, rebuilt from scratch within the past four years
  • Easy to access via Prism, with real-time transparency and detailed historical reports

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Source: ITG, 2H 2016

Portfolio trading


Source: ITG, 1H 2016

Best implementation tools and analytics

  • Pre-, intra- and post- trade analytics from our #1-ranked analytics platform
  • Cost estimates based on our own transaction database, the world’s largest
  • Proprietary research on 40+ indices
  • Proprietary list-based algos and EMS platform, used by buy- and sell-side portfolio traders around the world
  • Trading and support teams in New York, London, Hong Kong, Toronto and Sydney

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Put A Lid On It

In a recent poll of 80+ buy-side professionals, 37% attributed more than half of their trading cost to information leakage. It’s something that traders feel, but accurately measuring it is much more difficult. Many brokers use post-trade reversion to rank dark pool performance, but looking only at adverse selection while ignoring information leakage doesn’t give the full picture. ITG’s study of controlled measurement of information leakage in dark pools shows that dark pools with the worst information leakage have unremarkable adverse selection scores.

In the


  • 2015 – Best Algorithms for hedge funds

    The Trade Broker Roll of Honour
  • 2015 – #1 among Greenwich Priorities for Equity Algo/Smart Order Routing Trades

    Greenwich Associates Europe


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