Algos and smart routers engineered for superior performance—by your traders and ours

Smart order router

Event-driven routing model sources best-priced fills across 26 countries

  • Intelligent routing logic targets multiple destinations to get fills equal to or better than the far touch price
  • Opt-in for aggressive orders to utilize ISO sweep
  • Built-in SLimit advanced order handling logic
  • Choice of the destinations you interact with to maintain control over where orders are routed
  • Opt-in for automated multi-venue conditional orders

Features described are available in the U.S. Check with your ITG representative for availability in your region.


Source: ITG, Q4 2016

POSIT Marketplace


Source: ITG, 1H 2016

Global dark aggregator captures 88% of traded block volume*

  • Routing decisions made based on optimization built with proprietary machine-learning techniques designed to produce higher fill rates
  • Handles orders 40x larger, on average, than other dark aggregators**
  • Liquidity Filter technology segments liquidity using complex order types and stock-specific minimum quantities to minimize information leakage (available in U.S. and EMEA)
  • Conditional access to other venues including POSIT Alert, with fills 50x the U.S. dark pool average
  • Low-latency technology platform designed for direct connectivity for the buy side

*Computed as U.S. block trades (> 5k shares) executed by ITG divided by block trades in U.S. market while an order is present in POSIT Marketplace.
**In the U.S., POSIT Marketplace ADV is 8% vs. 0.2% in the peer universe.


Complete suite, leveraging ITG’s SOR and POSIT Marketplace

  • Unique liquidity, via POSIT Marketplace’s dark aggregator, with 30+ dark venues and SLimit advanced order handling available in North America
  • Models-based, reflecting continual R&D to improve client performance
  • Access to 39 countries via 30+ EMS/OMS platforms
  • A truly modern algo suite, rebuilt from scratch within the past four years
  • Easy to access via Prism, with real-time transparency and detailed historical reports


Source: ITG, 2H 2016

Portfolio trading


Source: ITG, 1H 2016

Best implementation tools and analytics

  • Pre-, intra- and post- trade analytics from our #1-ranked analytics platform
  • Cost estimates based on our own transaction database, the world’s largest
  • Proprietary research on 40+ indices
  • Proprietary list-based algos and EMS platform, used by buy- and sell-side portfolio traders around the world
  • Trading and support teams in New York, London, Hong Kong, Toronto and Sydney


D-Quote Update

Closing auction sizes have quietly but meaningfully grown over the past nine months, garnering a larger share of daily trading activity. There has been a major uptick in interest in more innovative tools and methods of trading around the close, and evidence suggests an increased use of the NYSE’s D-Quote order type. But the added flexibility of using the D-Quote has created a risk-reward tradeoff.

In the


  • 2014 – Best Equities Trading Platform – Broker

    Wall Street Letter
  • 2014 – Alternative Trading System of the Year

    The Asian Banker Financial Markets Awards


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