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POSIT is a leader in block crossing, helping traders anonymously source liquidity while minimizing market impact since 1987. POSIT delivers cost-effective execution and opportunities for price improvement, while employing Liquidity Guard*, a powerful and proprietary set of dynamic and scientific safeguards, to maintain liquidity quality.

Available in 30 markets worldwide, POSIT is one of the deepest pools of institutional liquidity in the world. Offering seamless access through Triton® and ITG OMS as well as major EMS and OMS providers, POSIT uses price/size pro rata matching logic (favoring size over speed) and offers only a few basic order types, thus reducing execution complexity.

Canadian Registered Dealers can trade anonymously in Canada’s premier broker-neutral dark pool, MATCHNowSM**. To learn more, visit the MATCHNow website.

ITG is at the forefront of the industry in our commitment to providing transparency. We have published a guide to POSIT as well as POSIT’s Form ATS.

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Available for: Equities

Available in: Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United States

*Liquidity Guard available only in the US.**Operated by TriAct Canada Marketplace LP, a subsidiary of ITG.


On Speed Bumps, Exotic Order Types and Left Handed Apple Peelers

ITG Canada has noticed that the ability of the average agency broker to gain top-of-book priority in Canada has diminished over the past 24 months. In our latest Canadian market structure update, we take a deep dive into how the introduction of speed bumps and exotic orders types has likely harmed the ability of investors to capture spread, and we offer some potential solutions for traders and regulators.

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  • 2014 – #1 in Satisfaction with Electronic Trading Client Services

    Greenwich Associates, Canada
  • 2014 – #1 in Overall Penetration in Canadian Equity Electronic Trading

    Greenwich Associates, Canada


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