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How many hours do you spend on administrative tasks? Our Commission Management Services can help you streamline the process so you can focus on trading matters. Regulatory changes out of Europe and the potential adoption of unbundling globally are complicating management of CSA programs for asset managers. With operational expertise built over 20+ years, we can help you navigate the regulatory landscape every step of the way.

ITG’s Commission Management Services give you access to:

  • Our full, global CSA/CCA aggregation service, which manages your trade operations and pools all CSA credits.
  • One point of contact for payment of all research bills to 5,000+ vendors, including 2,800 independent research vendors and 1,200 brokers.
  • A worldwide offering with dedicated, round-the-clock client services, finance, legal and compliance teams in the U.S., Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • Dedicated client web portal to manage global trades, research payments, vendor contracts and budgets across all brokers.

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CSA/CCA Aggregation Essentials

Are you struggling to structure your CSA/CCA program? This document provides details on policies, procedures and workflow suggestions that will help you create a successful program.

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On Speed Bumps, Exotic Order Types and Left Handed Apple Peelers

ITG Canada has noticed that the ability of the average agency broker to gain top-of-book priority in Canada has diminished over the past 24 months. In our latest Canadian market structure update, we take a deep dive into how the introduction of speed bumps and exotic orders types has likely harmed the ability of investors to capture spread, and we offer some potential solutions for traders and regulators.

In the


  • 2014 – Best Equities Trading Platform – Broker

    Wall Street Letter
  • 2014 – Best Equities Trading Platform – Broker

    Wall Street Letter


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