Enhanced U.S. SOR delivering 1.35x size improvement

ITG’s U.S. smart order router (destination SMRTRouter) delivers market-leading size and price improvement, plus customization and transparency that put you in control. Our early tests returned 1.35x size improvement; try it today to see what ITG’s SOR can do for you.

  • Multi-broker conditionals allow you to route outsized, trade-now orders to the largest block crossing networks
  • Sophisticated real-time monitoring tools, including Prism, give you more visibility into the full routing process
  • Slimit advanced order handling logic helps maximize passive fill rates and take rates
  • Customizable destinations allow you to interact with only the destinations you choose
  • Limit Up/Limit Down trading halts are handled transparently and efficiently
  • Detailed performance reports are also available

For more information, read the SOR fact sheet or contact an ITG sales representative.
SOR routing process