Q3 2016 Updates to APAC Market Structure

October 27, 2016 Clare Witts
  • How has the Hong Kong close auction session affected market volume profiles and end-of-day volatility?
  • Has Korea’s market hours extension resulted in more trading?
  • What has been the industry response to Hong Kong’s listing consultation and India’s algo trading review?

Find answers to those questions and others in this quarter’s Asia Pacific Market Structure Chartbook and Regulatory Summary.

Have other questions about market structure? Ask us, and we’ll provide data-driven answers.

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  • Clare Witts

    Head of Relationship Management, Asia Pacific

    Clare Witts is responsible for the strategy and implementation of ITG’s interaction with institutional clients, regulators, exchanges and the media across the Asia Pacific region.

    She also runs ITG’s Commission Management and CSA program in Asia and Australia.