Top 3 Trading Apps on the Analytics Incubator

Predictive analytics apps highlight some of ITG’s most cutting edge offerings and offer a sneak preview into the next generation of predictive modeling.

Here are the most popular trading apps on ITG’s Analytics Incubator. Which ones have you tried?

Market Compass: Make better-informed trading decisions such as order allocations and open auction trading volumes with daily market open direction and returns forecasts for five Asian markets. Unlike other available Asian futures apps, Market Compass provides metrics for both sectors and industries.

Volume Participation Forecaster: Find the minimum participation rate required to complete a specified order within the trading day. Real-time market volume forecasts are generated at 15-minute intervals until the end of the trading day and the closing auction.

Smart Market Indicator Forecast: Use forecasts of expected intraday deviations of today’s market conditions from their historical averages to help you dynamically adjust your trading strategy, improve trade scheduling, and set more accurate algorithm price limits to reduce trading costs.

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