• November 12, 2018

    Last quarter, ITG’s Global Peer data showed strong directional interest in mid-cap stocks in major markets, and in Chinese equities.

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  • On Oct. 25 and 26, the SEC hosted roundtables to discuss and debate issues related to real-time equity market data.

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  • September 19, 2018

    ITG 2Q18 Global Cost Review: Trade War Preparation
    Beginning in January 2018, global investors have been on alert, positioning themselves to best navigate the effects of US-initiated trade wars.

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  • Q2 updates to APAC Market Structure

    ​– ​How are institutions accessing China post the MSCI inclusion of China A-shares?
    – What does the discontinuation of the foreign board in India mean for international investors?
    – What do you need to know about short-selling in the Philippines?

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  • We present a new approach to trade scheduling using reinforcement learning, an area of machine learning.

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  • June 08, 2018

    ITG 1Q18 Global Cost Review: The Impact of MiFID II
    Beginning in January 2018, the unbundling rules of MiFID II required investors to pay execution-only rates for trading and make separate payments for investment research.

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  • The talk since MiFID II’s January 3 go-live date might have shifted in focus but by no means has decreased. The changing market structure dynamics in Europe continue to be in the front of our clients’ minds, in Europe and globally. With a full quarter of trading activity since MiFID II took effect, we are providing an update on the significant changes in equities markets.

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  • When it comes to improving trading performance, selecting the right strategy is crucial. An ITG survey of buyside traders last year found that 85% believe strategy selection has the most potential to impact trading performance, far outstripping the importance of broker choice or venue selection.

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  • – The SEC is quickly putting out an agenda to address varied issues on both the trading and capital formation sides of the house. We take a look at that agenda.
    – The SEC Transaction Fee Pilot is set to shake up markets. We take a deep dive.
    – We spend some time looking at how markets reacted to the volatility spike on Feb. 5.

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  • Q1 updates to APAC Market Structure

    ​– ​How has Stock Connect changed which international firms trade China?
    ​– ​How has Stock Connect adoption changed since launch?
    ​– ​What does it cost to trade China?

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