Shining a light on the importance of dark pools

This piece was originally published in The Financial Times.

As we enter the seventh year of a post-financial crisis world, it is hard to think of an area that has not suffered a knee-jerk reaction from politicians and regulators.

Certainly the scale of the subprime mortgage crisis, strained bank balance sheets and indebted sovereigns demanded urgent action. But as reform has been sprayed indiscriminately around the industry, solutions have been found to problems that did not exist.

MiFID II: Worth the Wait, or a Missed Opportunity?

This piece was originally published in Best Execution magazine.

On the 14th January the European Parliament and Council of Ministers finally agreed a new directive to update rules for markets in financial instruments (MiFID II). Rob Boardman, CEO of ITG Europe asks whether it was worth the wait?

ITG Client Call: MiFID II and the Level 1 Text

Listen to a special briefing by Duncan Higgins (Head of Electronic Brokerage, London), Juan Pablo Urrutia (European General Counsel, London), and Jamie Selway (Head of Electronic Brokerage, New York) discussing MiFID II, with a focus on the European Parliament’s recent political agreement for the Level 1 Text. Our experts discuss ITG’s position, provide context on what it means for clients, and answer questions.

German Federal Elections and the Impact on the European Agenda

With the German Federal Elections occurring Sunday, European investors are curious about what impact the elections may have on the European regulatory environment. In this version of The Blotter, ITG's European General Counsel, J.P. Urrutia, summarizes some of the expected results and potential impacts, highlighting Germany's importance to regional policy.

European Financial Transaction Tax suffers a severe setback

In this edition of The Blotter, Juan Pablo Urrutia, European General Counsel, weighs in on the Financial Times report that The Council Legal Service is advising the national governments that the European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is illegal.

Proposed Regulation SCI (File No. S7-01-13)

ITG appreciates the opportunity to comment on proposed Regulation SCI.

Statement of Robert Gasser CEO and President ITG on Computerized Trading Venues: What Should The Rules Of The Road Be?

On December 18, Bob Gasser testified before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance and Investment that dark pool growth has improved market quality, in response to the topic of "Computerized Trading Venues: What should the Rules of the Road Be?".

European Financial Transaction Tax: the return?

Could the much-debated European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) proposal come to pass? JP Urrutia discusses new developments among EU member states.

Dark Pool Concerns: Trying to Solve a Problem That Doesn’t Exist?

Concerns about dark pools have come to a head and alternative markets in Asia Pacific are among those under scrutiny. This week’s edition of The Blotter explores this topic with a focus on the Australian market.

Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges: The Sequel

The previous installment of “Badges” equates them to definitions of market participants. The focus was on a CFTC-proposed definition of high frequency trading, or HFT. The conclusion reached is that strict classifications for the purpose of regulation are inappropriate in today’s environment. The idea is broadened here, with respect to market structure regulation. In this week's edition of The Blotter, the focus is on the exchange/broker divide.

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