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Quantitative Researchers

quantsWhat they do: Quantitative researchers are the analytical force that drive future product innovations beyond what’s possible today. Across the globe we employ experts in machine learning, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling who constantly research ways we can help our clients improve their trading performance and write code implemented in ITG’s new and existing products.

How you’ll contribute: Researchers rarely solve problems that have linear solutions, so you’ll bring a passion for innovating and problem solving to the table and work with our developers and technologists to discover solutions and develop best-in-class products. Developing prototypes, conducting background research and analyzing data are some of the ways you’ll affect our day-to-day operations.

Teams made up of quantitative researchers: Financial Engineering, Analytics & more.

Developers and Technologists

developers-and-technologistsWhat they do: Developers at ITG are responsible for the underlying technology that powers our business. Together, they drive our mission of delivering end-to-end client solutions by building out and testing all of our global products. They work hand in hand with our technologists—who maintain and support our networks and systems—to ensure stability and reliability around the clock.

How you’ll contribute: You’ll build, manage and troubleshoot our critical global systems. With billions of dollars being traded through our execution and workflow tools, it’s imperative that you have excellent coding skills and are committed to collaborating with the businesses that use your code every day. An understanding of different technologies is key, so come with a passion for learning.

Teams made up of developers and technologists: Software Development, Quality Assurance, Security, Networking & Information Technology, Trade Support & more.

Sales, Traders & Product Specialists

sales-traders-product-specialistsWhat they do: Our sales and trading teams and product specialists build strong relationships with clients by understanding their challenges and customizing solutions to help them improve trading performance. Our teams are experts on both the constantly evolving financial markets and on ITG’s products. They use their extensive knowledge to help traders streamline their workflow and make more informed trading decisions.

How you’ll contribute: We look for individuals who are relentless in the pursuit of the best solutions for their clients. Most of our specialists spend their days meeting and talking with clients, analyzing trade performance and monitoring our trading systems. We’re looking for people who have strong communication skills and work well in fast-paced, dynamic environments.

Teams made up of sales, traders & product specialists: Sales, Analytics Coverage, Algo Coverage, POSIT and POSIT Alert, Commission Management, Triton specialists, etc.

Corporate Professionals

corporate-professionalsWhat they do: Our corporate professionals are the backbone of our organization, doing everything from managing the firm’s budget to liaising with key financial industry regulators or developing a client marketing campaign. They’re committed to supporting our global business and helping ITG maintain its high standard of integrity. While each team has a different set of responsibilities, these groups keep the business running so other teams can continue to create and deliver solutions.

How you’ll contribute: Depending on your role, key responsibilities include hiring the best talent to join our firm, influencing the business with strategic decisions, organizing client events or ensuring we comply with financial regulations. We need team players who are organized, project and detail oriented and are ready to dive head first into assignments thrown their way.

Teams made up of corporate professionals: Legal, Compliance, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing and Business Development.



4Q18 Global Cost Review

Increased equity volatility in the final quarter of 2018 gave rise to the highest trading costs observed in the previous 12 quarters.

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