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We’re the block experts, representing 12% of U.S. block liquidity via POSIT Alert and Dark

  • Cross large blocks anonymously in POSIT Alert—an average of 45k shares for large cap stocks in the U.S.*
  • POSIT, one of the first block crossing networks now operating in 32 markets globally, saves an average of 4.4 bps in the U.S. on 66% of shares traded at midpoint.**
  • We invented trading algos and we constantly improve them. Use our close algos to beat the U.S. close by 1.2 bps (average) for orders > 5% of ADV.
  • We’re ranked #1 in electronic trading for domestic portfolio trades (Greenwich 2013-2016) and we give U.S. clients access to many frontier, developed and emerging markets, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
  • Our U.S. Smart Order Router delivers market-leading size improvement of 1.35x displayed quantity plus customization and transparency that put you in control.

*Source: ITG, Q3, 2016
**Source: ITG, H1 2016


Office and contact information

New York
Company Headquarters
One Liberty Plaza
165 Broadway
New York, NY 10006
Main: +1.212.588.4000
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787 or +1.212.444.6100
High Touch Trading: +1.877.656.7571 or +1.212.588.4340
High Touch Portfolio Trading: +1.866.245.5254 or +1.212.588.4224

100 High Street
Boston, MA 02110
Main: +1.617.728.2800
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787 or +1.617.692.6900
High Touch Trading: +1.866.245.6032
High Touch Portfolio Trading: +1.866.245.5254

601 South LaSalle Street
Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60605
Main: +1.312.935.0100
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787 or +1.888.273.3759

Los Angeles
200 North Sepulveda Blvd.
5th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245
Main: +

San Francisco
525 Market Street
Suite 1810
San Francisco, CA 94104
Main: +1.415.645.5900
Electronic Sales & Trading: +1.800.814.1787
High Touch Trading: +1.866.245.6032
High Touch Portfolio Trading: +1.866.245.5254


Indexing: Phantom Promotions, Defiant Demotions

As passive investing continues to grow, so too has the impact of index changes. For the largest US companies, passive managers may hold more than 20% of a company’s public float.

In the


  • 2016 – Best Electronic Trading for Domestic Portfolio Trades – #1 overall

    Greenwich Associates
  • 2016 – Most Competitive Pricing for Domestic and International Agency trades – #1 overall

    Greenwich Associates