Technology-Enabled Trading Solutions

ITG is a global financial technology company that helps leading brokers and asset managers improve returns for investors around the world. We empower traders to reduce the end-to-end cost of implementing investments via technology-enabled liquidity, execution, analytics and workflow solutions.

ITG has just under 1,000 employees in 14 offices in nine countries in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. It offers execution services in more than 50 countries.


ITG has been a pioneer in technology-enabled trading solutions since 1987, when we launched the first point-in-time anonymous block crossing network, POSIT. Now delivering approximately $80bn in block crossing opportunities in 38 countries to buy-side desktops daily, POSIT and POSIT Alert have saved investors more than $1 billion in trading costs through midpoint executions over the past ten years alone.

Other ITG innovations that remain category leaders today include the first system for managing large portfolio trading lists, transaction cost analysis for asset managers, and client self-directed trading algorithms. Today, a wide range of leading asset managers, from top-performing hedge funds to the world’s largest institutional investors—manage their trades with our Triton execution management system. ITG is also the industry leader in transaction cost analysis, with more than 75% of the world’s largest asset managers using our offering to help them benchmark their performance against peers and achieve best execution. Our models-based trading algorithms execute trades in 39 countries via 30+ execution management systems; our dark aggregator algorithm, for example, handles order sizes 40x larger, on average, than other dark aggregators.

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4Q18 Global Cost Review

Increased equity volatility in the final quarter of 2018 gave rise to the highest trading costs observed in the previous 12 quarters.

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