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  • Algorithms

    We designed our automated trading strategies to reduce market impact, maximize execution quality, and improve trading performance, whether you’re trading single stocks or lists. The ITG algos suite includes algorithms for trading equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange, and also provides direct access to the rich, diverse liquidity in POSIT, as well as a range of other liquidity sources.

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  • Alpha Capture Reporting

    Improve process efficiency through accurate process modeling. Our reports deliver tailored benchmarks and robust comparisons that help identify ways to preserve alpha and make realistic improvements based on peer comparisons, order characteristics, market conditions, decision timing, order staging, return on decisions, and broker performance.

  • Best Market Server

    ITG’s automated routing engine for interlisted securities rapidly compares and chooses how to execute an order to optimize price. It compares and evaluates the securities against both the US and Canadian markets using a tight FX rate to identify the best price. Offering narrow FX spreads, Best Market Server is designed to maximize liquidity and provide price improvements in today’s competitive North American FX and equity markets.

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  • Commission Management

    How many hours do you spend on administrative tasks? Our Commission Management Services can help you streamline the process so you can focus on trading matters. Regulatory changes out of Europe and the potential adoption of unbundling globally are complicating management of CSA programs for asset managers. With operational expertise built over 20+ years, we can help you navigate the regulatory landscape every step of the way.

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  • Derivatives Trading Services

    Whether hedging a portfolio or executing a complex derivatives strategy, rely on ITG connectivity, electronic tools, and expertise in futures and options. We can help you tackle all types of derivatives challenges, whether you execute through one of our platforms, algorithms, or our trading desks.

  • FIX Connectivity

    We’ve designed an intelligent FIX network that stretches well beyond the basics of global connectivity to enhance your trading process before, during, and after you trade. ITG Net® provides reliable, secure managed access to more than 650 brokers and market centers globally, bringing you a full set of robust decision-support tools to help source liquidity and achieve best execution.

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  • High Touch Trading

    From difficult single stock trades or lists to international securities and derivatives, we make every aspect of institutional trading work together harmoniously. We offer trade cost and execution analysis, innovative liquidity access tools and platforms, derivatives expertise, technology implementation assistance, and insightful market commentary.

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  • Compliance Monitoring System

    Centrally manage global portfolio compliance activity across all phases of the investment process, security types, and global compliance directives. Real-time, pre-trade compliance checks help you avoid potential violations of ownership thresholds or other restrictions prior to execution. End-of-day capabilities automate the process of determining daily compliance status across a wide range of investments, funds, and mandates.

    -Build and apply rules easily. Use our global rules library, “natural language” rule-building facility, and “drag and drop” capabilities to apply rules to portfolios or accounts.

    -Make informed investment decisions. Portfolio Managers can analyze the compliance impact of a proposed portfolio change quickly and effectively.

    -Protects your investments. Adheres to simple restriction rules as well as performs complex real-time calculations to minimize losses from excessive style drift, insufficient diversification, and credit exposure.

    -Resolve and respond quickly. View all relevant data for investigating exceptions through drill-down capabilities and links to embedded supporting documentation. Quickly compile historical data online to satisfy common requests from regulators and auditors.

    -Demonstrate “affirmative compliance”. Going beyond exception-based systems, it maintains your state of compliance for all rule evaluations, pass or fail.

    *pre-defined rules set for Canada, EMEA, and the US.

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