Workflow Solutions

Advanced broker-neutral trading tools delivered cost effectively

Triton execution management system

The best-ex dashboard

  • Robust global equities platform with multi-asset capabilities
  • Supports portfolio, pairs, single stock, IOIs, RFS and RFQ functionality
  • Enhanced global pre-trade and real-time decision support analytics
  • Workflow automation, including Algo Wheel broker randomization, conditional auto-routing and real-time strategy recommendations
  • Advanced technology including click-once upgrade architecture, hosted configurations and settings, and .net framework for configurable front end

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Source: ITG



Source: Sample list trading analytics and decision support tools available on ITG Net

The FIX network with tools, not just pipes

  • Real-time trade transparency, analytics and contextual decision support tools
  • Seamless integration with most commercial OMS and EMS providers
  • Multi-asset access to 580+ brokers worldwide with support for IOIs
  • Compliance-driven trade surveillance reporting
  • Triton EMS and/or CSA aggregation services at no additional cost
  • 24-hour global support from regional connectivity specialists

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Commission management

#1 in equity commission management service & execution quality with mutual funds and hedge funds*

  • Aggregation services to fund and administer CSA or RPA accounts
  • MiFID II-compliant capabilities: e.g., set and track RPA-compliant research budgets, segregate balances by portfolio, strategy, client, region and investment team; and track executions at the broker, portfolio/strategy, manager and trader level
  • Extensive network of brokers and research providers
  • Web portal to manage trades, research charges and payments, vendor contracts and budgets across all brokers/vendors
  • 24/6 support from client service, finance and legal teams in Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe and the U.S.

*Greenwich Associates U.S. Survey, 2016
#1 in Commission Sharing Arrangements (CSA) – Greenwich Associates, Canada Survey, 2011-2015

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Source: ITG


Reinventing the (Algo) Wheel: Performance-Driven Trading As a Solution to MiFID II Testing Requirements

The Performance Driven Trading approach seeks to simplify the process, reduce the potential for trader bias, and provide an evolutionary path towards relative performance measurement with continuous process improvement, in collaboration with the broker community.

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  • 2015 – #1 FIX Platform

    Forefactor Inc., Canada
  • 2015 – Best New Product (ITG Hedge Fund Solution)

    Wall Street Letter